Latest Kitchen Flooring Trends That You Might Be Interested In

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and its design therefore should not be taken lightly. Over the years styles go in and out of fashion and new concepts evolve to suit modern tastes. One specific aspect of kitchen design that has undergone a significant transformation is its flooring. With a multitude of kitchen flooring options available to choose from, you may not know where to start and that’s why we’re explaining the latest kitchen trends for you.

laminate kitchen flooring trends

It certainly is not as easy as choosing whether or not to use a stainless Steel Sprinkler Utility Pump. Fret no more however, because we are going to give you an in depth walkthrough of some of the latest floor trends and what they can mean for your contemporary kitchen style.

Vinyl tiles

When we talk about vinyl, we are not talking about that cheap piece of plastic that covers your entire floor. Rather we mean the luxury vinyl tile also known as LVT that have been gaining in popularity, thanks to their durability, affordability, and extremely wide range of design options. This luxurious yet cost effective flooring is made from a mix of PVC and other materials that results in a very durable surface. LVT flooring mimics the look of natural stone, ceramic, or hardwood flooring, but it comes with added hardiness and easier maintenance.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are nothing new. But what about wood-look porcelain tiles? These are a great option for those who love the look of hardwood but want the durability and water resistance of tile flooring.  These trendy looking tiles imitate the look of hardwood flooring so convincingly that it can be very difficult to tell the difference, even when you get up close. Porcelain tiles are also resistant to scratches, stains, and water damage, making them ideal for a kitchen environment where these things are likely to occur.

porcelain kitchen flooring tiles


No we are not talking about bare concrete that you would find in an unfinished home. Rather, concrete flooring is another popular trend that offers an industrial look. However, that does not mean that they have to be rough. These gorgeous concrete floors can be polished and sealed for a sleek and modern finish, or stained to create a more rustic, vintage look. As is obvious, concrete is also highly durable and easy to clean, especially when they have a smooth sealant making it an excellent choice for this high-traffic area.


For those who care deeply about the planet, cork flooring is a sustainable and eco-friendly option that keeps growing in popularity. It’s a sustainable choice because cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which can be harvested without damaging the tree. Cork flooring is warm and comfortable underfoot, and also has natural soundproofing and insulation properties. It is also highly durable and easy to maintain, however it can easily get stained if it is not sealed properly so make sure that it has a protective covering.


Terrazzo flooring has made a surprising comeback in recent times thanks to its unique and eye-catching design. Terrazzo is a type of composite material that is made from chips of marble, granite, glass, or other materials which are bonded together and then polished for a smooth finish.

These latest kitchen flooring trends come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be customized to suit any style or aesthetic making them extremely adaptable and very well suited to homeowners that want to create their own look.

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