Is Kitchen Extension a Good Investment?

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The reasons to build a kitchen extension may vary, but there are some crucial advantages that stay consistent when they are  added to almost any house. Kitchen extensions create more spacious kitchens — dining areas and open-plan spaces perfect for family gatherings.

Is Kitchen Extension a Good Investment

The kitchen is often the heart of any home. When the guests arrive, people offer them tea or coffee, and very often, caught up in the conversation, they stay in the kitchen for the whole meeting. That’s why a spacious, bright, and comfortable space will improve the general feel of the house. However, it’s an investment, and from a financial point of view, it can turn good or bad. How to prevent losing money on it?

What Is the Average Return on the Investment?

For exact cost estimates, it’s better to contact professionals like who can calculate the cost of the extension by  taking your building type, location, time, project complexity, etc. into account. If kitchen extensions are treated as mid- to long-term investments, the average return on such investment after 5 years is 71%. The value of properties rises over time, and as long as your extension conforms to a common aesthetic preference and goes well with the rest of your house’s design, it will add value to your house. Small, one-storey kitchen extensions add between 5% and 10%. Two-storey extensions, perhaps with an extra bedroom over the kitchen, can increase the value of your house by up to 20%.

Common Mistakes That Lower the Profit

The cost of construction is high

Some types of houses are well-suited to building an extension. Victorian or Edwardian houses have a side return, which is a sort of a gap on the side of the house. Making use of such unused space for a kitchen extension is quite convenient. The kitchen extension will generally be easy to design and fit well with the general construction of the house. Other cheap extensions are conservatory extensions or basement extensions. Both of them use the natural layout of the house and are based on partially existing structures. The cost may be 3 times higher for the wrap-around extensions, 2-storey extensions, or those with a unique style. The best return on investment can be achieved when the cost of building is minimal for the maximum space.

Is Kitchen Extension a Good Investment-kitchen extension

Building an odd-looking extension

A huge factor that can waste the money put in the building is extravagance instyle. It’s crucial that the extension blends in with the house, does not change its proportions and the gained space is useful for the residents. It’s vital to plan how the space will be used. It won’t be a pleasant surprise to discover that the new room seems too big and empty compared to the size of other rooms in the house. Plan it carefully, because any person who would like to buy a house in the future will consider its functionality,  design and simply “the feel” of the house.

Is It Worth It?

To sum up, kitchen extensions may be a good investment in the long run assuming that the cost of the construction and the style are accounted for. Nevertheless, there is one more advantage. More space in your home will lead to quality of life improvements. Will there be more space to host people? Will there be more light in the living room? Will you have an open space to socialize with the whole family? Will it be easier to cook together? Those factors should not be forgotten, even though they do not have much to do with math.

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