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If you are in the middle of kitchen remodeling, you might have already noticed that kitchen countertops are an essential element of any kitchen design. This is because of two main reasons: first, countertops are the main place where the food is prepared, and second, they have an essential role in determining the overall design of a kitchen. In this regard, while choosing the ideal kitchen countertop that will perfectly complement your kitchen design, you should consider various elements that will be determinative. For instance, you should consider the time you spend in the kitchen, the cleaning routine you can commit to, countertop colors and patterns that will beautify your kitchen design, the budget you can spare for the countertop shopping, and so on. Hence, there is much to think about before diving into the shopping process.

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Today, we will talk about various countertop materials so that you can find out the ones that can answer your expectations. This way, you will realize that you have all the information you need to decide on the best countertop material for your kitchen design. Suppose you are looking for the best kitchen countertops in New Jersey. In that case, this blog post will help you have the fundamental information about countertop materials through which you can find the one that perfectly meets your expectations. Keep reading to learn every essential you should know about the most well-known kitchen countertop materials.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

As a durable and easy-to-maintain material, quartz is known as one of the favorable countertop materials. This human-made countertop material requires no sealing and polishing, as it has a non-porous surface. Relationally, quartz is resistant to stains, scratches, and bacterial growth. Coming in various color and pattern options, quartz countertops are suitable for many different kitchen styles.

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Granite Kitchen Countertops

With its exquisite beauty and durability, granite is amongst the most preferred countertop alternatives. If you love to spend time in your kitchen, you will love the idea of having granite countertops as they are scratch- and heat-resistant. The natural beauty of granite will definitely beautify your kitchen and create a luxurious feeling. Besides, the elegance and quality of granite add real estate value to your home. Note that granite requires periodic sealing as it has a porous surface that may lead to permanent damage and stains.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

The luxurious beauty of marble countertops makes them ideal for those who want to reflect their elegant design approach in their kitchens. Marble adds real estate value to your home as one of the most beautiful countertop materials. Marble’s porous surface makes it vulnerable to stains, scratches, and bacterial growth. Hence, you should commit to regular cleaning and care to preserve the beauty of your marble countertops.

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Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

As a metamorphic rock, quartzite is exposed to extreme heat and pressure, making it highly durable and resistant to heat and scratches. The natural and unique beauty of quartzite adds a personality to any kitchen. Although typically it has shades of white and gray, it can also have pink, red, yellow, or blue shades, making it aesthetically appealing. Like many other natural stones, quartzite requires regular cleaning and maintenance, like sealing, to prevent bacterial growth, permanent stains, scratches, or further surface damage.

Porcelain Kitchen Countertops

This manufactured material is highly resistant to heat, scratches, stains, and UV lights. The exceptional durability and easy-to-maintenance of porcelain countertops make them favorable for many homeowners. As it has a non-porous surface, it requires no particular maintenance routine, like sealing. When it comes to porcelain countertop installation, though, note that you should always work with a professional that knows how to work with porcelain tiles.


Kitchen renovation is exciting but also can be an overwhelming process because there are many details you should pay attention to. When it comes to countertops, you should think about functionality, style, and the budget you can save for it. It is also essential to work with professionals who can guide you throughout the entire process, from finding the ideal countertop material for your home to the kitchen countertop installation.

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