Is There A Key That Can Open Any Lock?

Locks keep your home and business security on top and give you peace of mind. But they can bring a great deal of stress if you happen to lose the key or lock it inside the house or office. It can be a serious situation if you have a kid alone inside the house or the staff waiting outside the office for the door to open so that they can start the day.

Is There A Key That Can Open Any Lock

Only a professional can help you handle the situation, particularly if you want to do it without breaking or damaging the system. They can do the miracle with their deft hands and tools that can open any lock. Let us explain how they can help.

Understanding the locking mechanism

Even before you learn more about keys, it is essential to brush up on your facts on the mechanism itself. Locks come in different shapes and sizes, but they work the same way. Cylinder locks have metallic cylindrical tumblers placed vertically over the locking mechanism. These tumblers have multiple holes, usually five or six of them, with rounded pins. The pins are of various heights, and each needs to meet an exact height for the cylinder to turn and the lock to open. The corresponding key has mountains and valleys that fit into the pins and holes and operate the mechanism. Since each lock and key has unique structures, they complete the process together.

A bump key or master key can help

Losing a key or being locked out can be the worst experience. The best way to deal with the situation is to call a professional locksmith to open it for you. Alternatively, you can try to open it with a bump key. Its teeth are set low and are steep and jagged.

Is There A Key That Can Open Any Lock - bump key

When you fit it into a lock and apply torque, the tumblers will bounce up for a split-second and align in a perfect position. You have a window to open the lock, and there are good chances you can do it with the application of the right level of torque. You can also use a master key if you have it at hand.

Professional locksmiths are the best option

Even as you may open the lock with a bump key or master key, getting it done by a professional is always a better option. Lockpicking requires skill and patience, which makes it hard to achieve success at most times. Moreover, locks are expensive, and you will not want to end up damaging or breaking them while trying to force them open with some other key. A professional knows the finer points and is most likely to open your door without damaging the system. It is worth spending a bit on their services rather than having a major expense with a replacement.

Losing your keys or leaving them inside is more common than you believe. It makes sense to have a plan of action to deal with such a situation to make things less stressful. The best thing to do is find a local locksmith who can be there to resolve the issue and relieve your stress.

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