How to Keep Your Kids from Melting Down During Your Move

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The moving process is stressful. You must coordinate how you will get your belongings from your old home to your new one, and you need to figure out how you will establish roots in your new area. Often, moving is chaotic even when you have done your best to plan as sometimes things do not always go according to schedule, and unexpected things can occur. Moving is especially stressful for children. Children often feel anxious when they are moving from one location to the next because they feel out of control, and this is a significant change for them. Children must leave behind friends as well as what was familiar to them which can cause them to experience some big emotions.

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Sometimes, these big emotions can lead to colossal meltdowns. To keep your children from melting down during your move, you must validate their feelings, give them a sense of control, let them know what to expect, keep routines the same as much as possible and take the quickest method of travel.

Validate Your Children’s Feelings

One way you can keep your children from melting down during your move is to validate their feelings. When we are enduring something that is difficult or anxiety inducing, it helps to confide our feelings to someone who will listen and validate us. Children are no different. When we listen to them and validate how they feel, this helps them to feel better about what they are facing. Patiently listen to your children express their feelings, and then let them know you understand how they feel. Also, go above and beyond to validate your children. For example, if your children are expressing that they worry about missing their friends, you can plan for them to see their friends again, and you can come up with ways they can continue to stay connected with their friends.

Give Your Children a Sense of Control

When children face monumental changes, they feel out of control. When children feel out of control, they can sometimes express this by melting down. To keep the melt downs from happening, you need to find ways to give your children a sense of control. One way to give your children a sense of control is to allow them to pack their own belongings. When the children are in charge of packing, they can put their belongings where they know they will find them. If the children are quite young, allow them to help with packing as much as possible. Involve your children in as much of the moving process as you can. The more children feel involved, the more they will feel they have control over what is happening in their lives.

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Let Your Children Know What to Expect

According to Military Movers website, another way to minimize meltdowns while moving is to let your children know what they can expect. When children know what is coming next, they will not feel anxious. Share your plans with your children such as when moving day will take place, how you will get belongings to your new location and how you will travel. What and how you share will need to be adjusted according to your children’s ages. You can share more in-depth details with older children whereas with younger ones, you will need to keep things simple.

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Stick to Routines as Much as You Can

Children thrive on routines. Routines give children a sense of security because they can trust that all is well in their world when there is less chaos and more predictability. Routines are especially important for babies and toddlers because chaos means more tantrums and meltdowns which is the last thing you want. Stick to your children’s routines as much as you can. Keep mealtimes, bath time and bedtime the same.

Take the Quickest Method of Travel

Finally, to keep your children from melting down during your move, you must take the quickest method of travel. This is especially important if you are moving across the country. If you are making a cross-country move, it is best to fly to your new location and have your car shipped along with everything else. For instance, if you are moving to Arizona, then you want to compare prices with a variety of auto transport companies in Arizona to get the best bargain for shipping your vehicle. Having your vehicle shipped and flying to your location enables children to stick to their routines, and this method of travel ensures that you will arrive at your new home within the same day which will minimize your children becoming grumpy and over tired. Sure, moving can be difficult. But when you implement these five tips, you can keep the meltdowns at bay. When there are no meltdowns, the moving experience can be more pleasant.

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