Property Maintenance: How To Keep Your House In Pristine Condition

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As the owner of a property, there are many things that will need to be done on a regular basis in order to keep it looking at its best. By successfully stewarding your property inside and out you will help it retain its value, and ensure you get a good price on resale.

How To Keep Your House In Pristine Condition

It may be that you have bought some essential DIY tools and are wondering what are some of the key areas to address and maintain. If this is the case, read on because you’ll gain some helpful tips on how to keep your home in perfect condition.

Involve The Professionals

It may be that you plan to redecorate the home. You may even want to tackle something bigger such as making a room ensuite, adding an extra bedroom or converting the attic. It’s always wise to seek professional help and guidance, even if you feel confident about what you are doing.  The inspection may help to identify any potential problems that may not have been anticipated, and the professional can also give guidance on how best to proceed with the work. They can also advise on such things as planning permission and building regulations.

Specialists can also check your home for structural issues such as subsidence or cracks in the walls. They can look at your electrical wiring and plumbing, and check for any gas leaks and fire risks. Birmingham is a busy and highly populated city in the north of England. When people look for a Birmingham based property management service they do so for help with their building maintenance and repairs, or refurbishment and construction work. By going online, many people are able to obtain free no-obligation quotes and appointments with building experts.


It doesn’t take much for clutter to build up, especially if you have a family. You may be decluttering your home in preparation for a move or just because you’ve had enough of the mess and want it all gone. Decluttering helps to boost people’s mental wellbeing as well as making the living space more attractive, light and airy. There can also be less chance of accidents if there aren’t things to trip on or come tumbling out of the cupboards.

The garden area should be addressed as well as the inside of the home. Dispose of things like broken childrens’ toys and other unwanted items. Check the attic as well, and question whether you need anything you haven’t used in the last two years. You can give things away, recycle or upcycle and send the rest to a landfill. If necessary hire a skip or local company to responsibly dispose of it.

Replace The Doors And Windows

If you have old wooden doors or window frames that have been around for many years, you should replace them. They are the first thing people notice about your property which makes it important to keep them in pristine condition. If they’re old, rickety or rotting this is a good time to think about replacing them with some UPVC doors and double-glazed windows. Not only would they fit in with the rest of the house’s décor but they would make the home more energy-efficient.

Address The Landscaping

It may be that your garden is in need of an upgrade or that the space is not being maximised. It would be worth seeking advice from a professional landscaper, as they could comment on what type of plants and materials would work best. Consider planting some climbing roses or other flowering shrubs that will provide color throughout the year. You may wish to add a patio with external lighting and a barbecue or install a dedicated children’s area. In addition, you may wish to add some extra privacy thanks to some trees, walls or a new garden shed.

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Have A Pest Inspection

Not everyone knows what to look for or recognizes the signs of property damage. The pest inspector can tell you what’s going on, whether it needs repairs and how extensive the damage may be. The inspection should include checking the foundation, interior walls, roof and landscaping. There could be telltale signs in the attic or living room furniture, or even under the carpets. Whilst you will need to pay for the inspection it could save you thousands of pounds in the long run.

Protect The Exterior

Whilst the indoors may need some attention, the key thing is to protect the outside of the building and to keep the weather out. Make sure there’s no vegetation growing too close to the walls of your property because this will provide shelter for pests and increase the risk of rot. Deal with any trees or branches that are too close to your roof as they could cause storm damage or help pests access your home. Use some cement on any cracks in the concrete or brickwork to avoid needing significant repairs further down the line. If you use external paint you should protect it with a sealant to stop the weather from chipping away at it. It’ll need retouching every few years but don’t skimp on price; cheap paints won’t last very long.

Check The Roof

Be careful if you do this yourself. It may be wisest and safest to request an inspection from a professional roofer. They can tell you if it is in need of repair and whether or not it’s still structurally sound. Check for any attic leaks; they can be hard to see, so look around the house for puddles on the ground. Inspect the chimneys and vents and check the tiles or shingles. If there are loose or missing tiles you should get these fixed immediately. Should water get into your home, the damp could damage the wooden beams and there could also be a fire risk.

You should also check the gutters and drains, and regularly service your central heating system. Replace your lightbulbs with modern LED versions to save energy too. By looking after your property it will become a safe and enjoyable residence for many years to come, and all its occupants will reap the benefits.

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