5 ways to keep your house cool this summer

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We all know how difficult life can be in the summer months. Outside it’s like a sauna and you need your home to be cool and tranquil. But, while most US citizens learn to cope with the heat outside, inside our homes is a different story. It can be difficult to regulate temperatures and keep everyone in your household happy.

5 ways to keep your house cool this summer

Here are some tips on how to keep your house cool this summer.

Air conditioning

We all know the importance of a fully functioning AC unit. When it works, AC means that we forget about the stifling heat outside and can get on with our day. But AC units can be unpredictable. Ensure that yours is in full working order before the hot months approach, and check out this emergency AC repair company for a quick, easy solution to your AC problems.


When the sun’s shining and the sky’s blue, you probably want to look out the window and get some of that vitamin D. However, you’re better off keeping blinds and curtains closed. Sunlight heats dark thermal masses such as brick walls or floors, meaning that it is essentially becoming your central heating for the day. Make sure you install good quality blinds to block out those powerful rays.

Windows and doors

If you’re stuck inside on a glorious summer’s day, you might be tempted to open your doors and windows. You might think that this will welcome a fresh, cooling breeze. But, most of the time, this does the opposite. Hot air will enter your home and detract from your AC unit. So, keep your windows and doors closed at day time. When the sun sets and the air starts to cool down, now’s the time to open things up and get some air in. Just ensure that your home is safe and secure when you’re sleeping.

5 ways to keep your house cool this summer - fan


OK, we all know that cooking at home is better for our health. Too many take-outs or meals out can be bad for the waistline. However, in the hot months, cooking can instantly heat up your house and make it unpleasantly hot. Appliances like your oven and hob generate heat and can make a room hotter within minutes. So, during the hot months, try to cook less – or make foods that don’t need these appliances, like salads or cold spreads.


When all else fails and you’re feeling hot and sticky, look no further than the trusty fan. Coming in all shapes and sizes, fans can be great at instantly cooling you – and your home – down. Invest in a fan that can be adjusted for your needs and will regulate your temperature when standing and sitting.

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