How to keep your home in tip top shape

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A clean house feels warm to stay in. Even visitors feel comfortable when hanging around. On the other hand, no one wants to stay in a messy house. Such a house tends to be dusty and is prone to awful smells that can be very annoying. In fact, a house that is not in order tells people that frequent your house that you don’t know how to take care of your home. You can keep your home in tip top shape by cleaning a few of its areas whenever you have time to spare. Of course there are some tasks that can be delegated to professionals.

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If there are other people that live with you such as grown up kids and relatives, you should make them participate in the cleaning duties. For a start, you should draft a tasks list and stick it on the door of the fridge. That way everyone will know what to do when they are at home. Here are some proven ways that can help in keeping your home clean.

Put Things Where They Belong

Leaving things such as toys, shoes and cups among other things on the floor or on the table makes the entire house look messy. In fact, whether your house is big or small, the things that are scattered on the floor make it look congested. You should therefore put things in there proper place. Dirty utensils such as cups and plates should be put in the kitchen sink so they can be washed later.

Clean clothes should be hung in the wardrobe using plastic hangers while those that are dirty should be put in the laundry bucket so that they can be washed. As a matter of fact, you should make arrangements for such clothes to be washed as soon as possible because dirty laundry is the major cause of disgusting smells in bedrooms. Shoes should also be cleaned and arranged on the rack. If you think that dirty laundry isn’t big health issue you should check out our Home health risks guide.

Clean the Carpet

The carpet tells a lot about the cleanliness of your home. In fact, it’s hard for guests to ignore the look of your carpet. But you should not clean the carpet for the sake of impressing visitors. Lest you forget, a dirty carpet creates a favorable breeding area for disease causing bacteria. The food cramps and drink spills cause the carpet to get dirty. Soil particles and animal fur are brought by pets.

Besides that, the urine of your dog can cause the carpet to stink. It’s not easy to wash the carpet with pet stains. Attempting to clean it yourself might break your back. This is because it’s too heavy to be cleaned by one person. Cleaning the carpet should therefore be left for professionals because they have the proper tools for getting the job done. When choosing a carpet cleaning company you should look for a reputable carpet cleaning company that offers a wide variety of customized carpet cleaning services like Sunrise Chem-Dry.

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Spread the Beddings

Beds should be spread on a daily basis. In fact this should be the first thing that you do after waking up. In fact, you should ask everyone in your household to spread their bed before having breakfast. If there are any shelves or drawers in your bedroom, you should wipe them with a wet piece of cloth.

This will help in removing the accumulated dust. The windows also should be cleaned on a weekly basis. The kitchen countertop should also be wiped after cleaning the dishes. In fact, the dishes should be done as soon as possible because they can attract flies and cause the entire kitchen to stink.

Give Away Some Things

We all have stuff that we rarely use. Such are the things that cause the rooms in your house to be congested. This is because they are competing for the little space that’s available with the things that you use the most. You can create more space by giving away such stuff to your friends and relatives. If some of such stuff is damaged, you should put them in the garbage bin because you might never repair them.

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