How to keep your home safe from pest?

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You might be wondering how come your cat has captured a mouse a few days ago. Where did it come from? How did it get into your house? Well, this is already an indication that you should do something to prevent rodents, cockroaches, and crawling insects to ruin your home.

How to keep your home safe from pest

Some insects can also suddenly appear due to spoiled food and other perishable items. That’s why a regular checking on your home is a must to do. Apart from doing general cleaning every week, here is the preventive maintenance to do for your home.

1.      Find and Seal Any Openings or Holes

Check the overall parts of your home such as walls, ceilings, and windows. These spots are usually the main entry for rats and cockroaches to get inside your house. Make sure to seal any holes to prevent these creatures from entering. It is also advisable to use screens for your windows. In this way, it will prevent mosquitoes and other insects to get inside your house.

2.      Surrender Your Wastes and Trash to the Garbage Collector

Keep your wastes and trash bins empty once full. Make sure to use plastic and paper containers for the wastes. Thereafter, put all your waste outside and keep them in the trash bin. Make sure to keep the trash bin covered so that there will be no pests or animals that will come around it. Check the schedule of the garbage collector so that you will know when to keep track of your wastes and turn over it to them. Besides, you should secure both indoor and outdoor containers. If you’re doing compost, make sure to use a top closed bin and keep it distant from your home.

3.      Keep the Kitchen Clean and Sanitize

The kitchen is the primary source for the pests and insects to roam around inside your house. It is important to keep your kitchen clean and sanitize. Keep the surfaces dry and check all the spots if there are no stains on the walls. Sometimes, we forgot to clean the things that we don’t see. Hence, the dirt and wastes accumulate in those spots. For instance, if you have side cabinets on your kitchen counters, you might forget to check and clean them. Make sure to keep them clean to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from staying in.

4.      Remove Any Wood Piles and Check Your Wooden Furniture or Walls

Wood piles can attract insects and pests. Usually, these creatures will dwell on these woodpiles. Some of the insects even consume these materials such as termites. To prevent this scenario to happen, keep your wood piles stock in a shed. If you don’t have a shack, you can store them on some containers away from your home. You may also spray insecticides to repel the insects and crawlers from dwelling on the woodpiles.

How to keep your home safe from pest - termites

You must come up with seasonal maintenance and check to see if any termites are trying to invade your wooden furniture, walls, or woodpiles. To prevent your home from termites, you should immediately call a pest control service. Otherwise, you may remove the infected area and change it to a quality pressure-treated lumber. Moreover, you should also use an anti-rot product to stop the wooden part from decaying.

5.      Hire a Professional Pest Control Service

Frequent pest control can rescue your home and it helps your house get clean, well-maintained, and sanitized. You may hire the services of legit pest control and they will handle your home professionally.

Some of their services include pest eradication and termite inspections. They can help you solve your problems with rodents, cockroaches, termites, ants, fleas, beetles, bed bugs, spiders, silverfish, and pantry moths. They can also give you some advice with DIY maintenance and regular check. To know more ideas about a pest control service, you may check on the Bennetts Services Brisbane for your reference.

It is advisable to avail of the services of the pest control companies to properly treat the issues. Moreover, they have enough supplies and equipment to treat your home and make it pest-free.

6.      Buy Plants with Insect and Pest Repellent Effect

You can place some indoor and outdoor plants inside your home with anti-pest properties. These natural objects will not just beautify your home but also, it can repel any insects that are trying to ruin your house.

We have listed all the plants that you can place at your house. Here are the following:

  • Artemisias
  • Basil
  • Catnip
  • Chamomile
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Fever Tea
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Spearmint
  • Stone Root

Just make sure that you love the fragrance of the plants and there are no family members allergic to it. You may place the plants around the corners in the living room, kitchen, or outside.

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