What Are Job Relocation Trends In The US

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When it comes to job relocation trends in the US, there are a few facts to consider. First, it should be mentioned that less Americans are having to relocate for employment, much of that being thanks to more opportunities for people to work remotely. Yet that’s not the only factor in play. Unemployment is at an all-time low, and that can cause relocation numbers to surge just a little. Furthermore, according to one survey, a majority of Americans, 62 percent, would relocate for work if it were advantageous for them to do so. Results for this same survey mention four specific cities whose residents feel more inclined to relocate given the right opportunity. Can you guess which four cities they are?

Job Relocation Trends In The US

Two of them are in North Carolina. They are Charlotte and Raleigh. Miami and Des Moines are the other two cities. Another trend when it comes to relocating for job is the fact that companies are offering people more assistance to move. That doesn’t go for all companies, but it’s a trend nonetheless. That certainly has to do with the fact that less people are relocating these days. Older companies may still need those people to relocate. It’s the growing tech economy that is making it possible for people to work remotely. Another factor, however, when it comes to companies offering more for people to relocate is the fact that people generally get paid more these days.

Salaries are always on the rise, despite the national minimum wage not budging. Still, it should be noted that around one-third of the companies out there don’t offer anything at all when relocating employees. The fact that about one-third of the companies have increased their relocation assistance packages means that businesses nationwide are split down the middle on how to handle this type of hiring process moving forward.

During the 80’s and ’90s, people were especially more willing to relocate for employment purposes than they are today. That doesn’t mean that the right people out there aren’t willing to move to the big city for that big job. It’s just that collectively, the economic landscape has changed little by little over time, allowing for more opportunities, giving people the chance to be picky.

If you can get your dream job closer to home, then why not take it, right? Of course, there are certain other moving trends to consider. More people go to college these days. Those people often tend to look for colleges that are known for turning out graduates in the field of study that they have chosen. Naturally, employment opportunities for those students can be right nearby. But is the data skewed to show that the out of state school the students chose is their hometown?

Job Relocation Trends In The US - moving

Students are far from the only people looking for jobs. But you can see how all data counts. The chief statistic addressing job relocation trends in the US. The opportunity to work remotely helps keep families together. Businesses are also more easily able to recruit employees that are in demand. Think about business executives who might not want to relocate but are offered the opportunity to work remotely and travel throughout the year on occasion. This type of situation gives businesses a recruiting edge, and technology makes all of this possible.

The percentage of people relocating for job has always been more significant than the percentage of people who have done so. Let’s say that the trend over the last decade has seen just over 10 percent of people seeking jobs following through with relocation. That is about half of what the percentage was before those ten years.

It can be fun and advantageous to relocate for work, but the fact of the matter is fewer people are doing so. Job seekers are merely taking the best opportunities that come their way. The changing employment landscape and technological advancements combine to help people stay closer to home when seeking out a job. That type of trend can undoubtedly help people save more money in the coming years.

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