Utah Residents: Stop Fixing Issues Caused by Hard Water and Do This Instead

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Hard water is a problem that a lot of homes both in Utah and the United States have to deal with. The ‘hardness’ of water is caused by dissolved magnesium and calcium ions. If you’ve ever had to deal with hard water, then you’re probably aware of how much it sucks. As much as it’s fine for a myriad of home uses, it is not as efficient as ‘soft water’. Hard water can irritate your skin, damage your hair, corrode your plumbing system, and crust up your faucets. It may not be a big health concern but with time, corroded pipes will leach toxic chemicals and metals into the water.

Stop Fixing Issues Caused by Hard Water and Do This Instead

For this reason, it’s important that you learn and try to apply the best hard water solutions at home instead of remedying the damaging effects of long-term hard water use. Visit site, here’s how you can solve the problem of hard water.

1. Use Washing Soda for Your Laundry

Using washing soda can be a highly efficient method of treating hard water meant for doing your laundry. Washing soda makes hard water ‘soft’ by getting rid of dissolved magnesium and calcium ions in hard water. This makes it easier for soap to lather. Washing soda is mainly composed of sodium carbonate (carbonic acid salt) and it softens both permanent and temporary hard water.

2. Use a Cleaning Aid to Remove Soap Scum

The minerals present in hard water react with the chemical content of soap to form ‘soap scum’ or lime soap. Soap scum is a white solid build-up present in water fixtures and often accumulates on bathtubs, shower doors, drains, sinks, and even bathroom tiles. Soap scum is formed when positively charged calcium atoms prevent soap molecules from dissolving. As a result, the undissolved soap molecules build up on the surfaces listed above. To remedy this issue, you should use a cleaning formula designed for hard water use which should effectively counter the positive calcium atoms in hard water. This will make it easy to rinse away soap thus preventing the formation of soap scum.

3. Boil Temporary Hard Water

Boiling is a quick and easy way to remove the ‘hardness’ of temporary hard water. Temporary hard water mostly contains calcium bicarbonate and boiling it causes the dissolved calcium to precipitate out of the water, softening the water in the process. However, keep in mind that this process only works for water with temporary hardness. Permanent hard water contains dissolved calcium sulfate which cannot be removed by boiling.

Stop Fixing Issues Caused by Hard Water and Do This Instead - broken heaters

4. Invest in a Whole Home Water Filtration System

If you’re living in Utah, getting a whole home water filtration system from nusoftwatersystems.com might just be the decision you can make. They are a simple and affordable method of removing minerals in your water. Other filtration systems might seem like an ideal choice but they tend to use resin beads of low quality. This renders them inefficient in handling hard water especially in notorious areas such as Eagle Mountain.

Water Is Life but the Latter Is Hard Enough… Your Water Doesn’t Have to Be So Too

Hard water can cause immense damage to your home. Your appliances, as well as your heating and plumbing systems, are at risk if you do not take the necessary steps to reduce the mineral content in your water. Hopefully, the remedies listed above should get you on the right track to softening your water.

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