Is It Better to Renovate Your Home or Buy A New One?

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According to 76% of Americans, renovating their present house is preferable to buying a new one. However, this does not imply that remodeling is always the best choice. Then again, 60% of Americans also mentioned that it is very stressful to shift. And if you are a homeowner who doesn’t like your neighborhood, then you may have to consider buying a new house in another location or simply moving out.


We have analyzed some crucial facts in 5 states that will answer the question – “Is it better to renovate your home or buy a new one?” So, stay tuned.

Is It Better to Renovate Your Home or Buy A New One? Let’s See the Pros and Cons to Find Out

Even homeowners are not happy with their current homes. They are wondering – “Is it better to renovate your home or buy a new one?” We will discuss the pros and cons of both situations so that you will find the answer to this question.

Pros of Buying a New House

Of course, buying a new house is beneficial since you are spending more money than renovating your current one.

  • A Scope for Better Investment

According to a statistic,

  • 53% of Americans face trouble in making their mortgage payments and need to compromise in order to get by.

If you have equity in your present house, selling it and purchasing a new one might be a terrific way to update your portfolio. It can be a smart idea to sell your house if its current value exceeds what you owe. To cover closing fees, get rid of your mortgage, pay for relocation charges, and make a new down payment, you might have adequate equity. As a result, purchasing a proper home is always a wise investment.

  • No Remodeling Stress or Cost

Purchasing a new home will allow you to accommodate your lifestyle or the demands of a new family without having to move into a work zone. That justification may be sufficient for some people to purchase a new home in a new place. Additionally, if you purchase the home of your dreams, you might never have to move again in your whole life. That lowers the expense of both renovation and moving. After talking to a Burlington realtor Mike Gregor who sells houses in Burlington, we found the following information,

  • The typical redesign in the United States costs $150,000, compared to $46,503 for renovations.
  • Obtain a Fresh Outlook on Life

Do you feel trapped or uncomfortable in your current residence? A shift in viewpoint might present a fascinating chance to broaden your views and enhance your mental and physical well-being. List the aspects of your present area that you like and dislike in writing. Therefore, you may be informed of the facilities you will enjoy when you start shopping for a new property.

new house

Cons of Buying a New House

Yes, there are drawbacks to buying a new home. But we have to determine whether the number or effect of drawbacks is higher than renovating an old house.

  • Pay for Shifting

In addition to the price of the new home you will eventually buy, there are plenty of expenses for selling and moving that should be taken into account. A few charges you can incur after listing your property for sale include home inspection fees, hiring movers, home repairs, and commission for real estate.

  • Stress of Finding a New Home

We would be surprised to know that

  • 6 out of 10 Americans would agree that moving is deemed to be more traumatic than experiencing a separation or divorce.

If you are already debating whether to move, you should realize the extra stress that comes with it. If you don’t have any pressing job or family commitments to attend to, or you don’t have any pressure from relocating along with other impending life events, it can be much better to put off the relocation and instead think about remodeling.

  • It is Hard to Find a Good Home

Finding a new house that satisfies all your requirements won’t be simple just because you wish to leave your existing one. It could be the hardest thing you ever have to do to find a house that meets your wants, is affordable, and is situated in your desired area. Also, you must be financially and mentally capable of buying a new home. If you already have a house, selling it will be another challenge for you.

Pros of Renovating

Here are the advantages of renovating your home rather than buying a new one. Here are some mentionable –

  • Boost the Worth of Your House

The greatest way to effectively increase the value of your property is via renovations, which will increase the home’s value when you decide to sell. Increase the value of your home with wise projects and expansions, and your future net profit may soar.

  • Tailor it to Your Requirements

The simplest approach is to live in your loving home if you modify it. Without the inconvenience and stress of a major relocation, remodeling allows you to modify your present house.

  • Save Shifting Cost

It is difficult and costly to move. Why move when you can redecorate your entire house for the same amount of money? If you have little equity leftover following the sale of your property, moving costs might be particularly costly.

Cons of Renovating

Similar to the advantages of relocating, there are also some drawbacks, which increase the chances of buying a new house. Here are some mentionable drawbacks –

  • Deal With Delays or Hidden Fees

The price of the remodeling will exceed what the contractor originally estimated. Some of the issues that homeowners run into while renovating include structural alterations, compliance with building requirements, and rot and insect infestation. When choosing contractors, be careful to keep additional charges separate from the original prices.

  • Risk on Investment

Spending on construction is always hazardous since not all home improvements are profitable. Research which renovations give the best returns on investment (ROI) if you plan to totally renovate your property to raise its value before selling it. The 2021 Cost vs. Price report is a useful resource for determining which improvements would provide you with the greatest value for your money. However, this can be sorted by different areas. The following table lists the most affordable mid-range home modifications after studying five states.

Project Renovation Cost Resale Value ROI
Replacing the main door $1,471 $1,344 91.30%
Covering floors with stone $8,221 $7,986 97.10%
Adding wooden deck $10,950 $9,065 82.80%
Replacing sliding doors $15,072 $11,554 76.70%
Remodeling kitchen with minor decorations $21,198 $17,193 81.10%
  • Reside Near a Construction Site

Much like hidden expenditures, the time for remodeling frequently takes longer than expected. You will reside in a work zone throughout this time. If you reside elsewhere, the fee will be more. During the remodeling process, you may also order food, board pets, and sleep in a shared bedroom with others. As a result, both your financial situation and your mental health may suffer.

Will You Renovate or Buy a New Home?

Before deciding whether to buy a new house or make modifications to an existing one, it would be a good idea to have a family discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of both options, as detailed in this article. Even if you make the ultimate decision, it will be simpler for everyone if they weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the task has just begun.

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