Designing Your Health: How Interior Design Affects Your Health

Take a minute to think about how much time you spend inside your home. According to the environmental protection agency, Americans spend 88% of their time indoors, which means that Americans spend most of their lives in their homes. Have you ever taken time to consider how the interior design of your house might be affecting your general health? If you didn’t know, well, you should know that your surroundings, the spaces within your home, the painting and house arrangement influences your productivity, efficiency, and mood.

How Interior Design Affects Your Health

There is a high correlation between your mental health and the home interior design of the house you live in. There might be simple arrangements in your house that may be causing you stress and gloominess, but it is all subconscious, so you do not even know why you are always ready for conflict.

Way forward

It is quite clear that there is a high correlation between the interior design of your house and your general health. You need to get yourself a realtor that can connect you to a real estate interior designer. Go to website, take a look at the UpNest buyer reviews, look for a realtor near you, you will be connected to a professional interior designer who will bring your home to life.

How Interior Design Affects Your Health - wooden floor

You need a qualified interior designer to look at your home. Voltaic organic compounds are found in all home finishes, including paint, interior finishes, and upholstery cushions. When time passes by, these compounds are released in the air. So the house gets to a point where there is no fresh air. You will find yourself having respiratory problems, eye, and nose irritation. So a qualified real estate interior designer should be able to solve this and help your home to have proper air circulation.

Poor house arrangement can clutter the mind, when everything is sitting on the way, you will try to think properly, but you will find yourself struggling to have a free mind. Messy house causes a bad mood where you will find yourself arguing with friends and family members over small matters. The same applies to poor lighting in the home, is the window blocked by furniture? Does the house get enough daylight?

How Interior Design Affects Your Health - contemporary design

A professional interior designer should be able to help you arrange everything, selecting the right colors that bring life in the living room, arranging every furniture according to how you can access them, creating space for moving around the house. Your house should be able to allow sunshine, which is excellent for the health of the mind. People naturally become happy when they are exposed to the sun. A professional designer should help design your health by designing the surrounding of the home to promote both mental and body health.

Patterns of color in the house, covering the wall and the carpet can affect children’s play. Studies have shown that interiors can affect children’s performance and also contribute to deficit hyperactivity disorder. If you have children, create an excellent environment for them to live in, not just to play but also for the sake of their health.

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