Kickstart your process of installing made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors

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Installing sliding wardrobe doors in your bedroom can add value to your home. As they require minimum floor space, they are economical for any room size. It’s one reason sliding wardrobe doors are on the rise in bedrooms all over the UK. They also help combat other homeowners’ problems like storage and improve the overall aesthetics of the bedroom.

Installing sliding wardrobe doors - made to measure

But what happens when you only have a small space room with strange dimensions? Make the switch from standard sliding wardrobe doors to made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors. What’s the difference?

Made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors are custom-made to fit any space. They are created based on the dimensions of the room. Which means no matter the size of your room, it’s possible to get your desired wardrobe. However, there a process of preparation in advance. It involves planning and creativity. But before you kickstart the process, ensure you prepare by doing this.

Know the Size and Shape of Your Bedroom

Knowing the size and shape of your room can save you a lot of unnecessary problems in ensuring the best fit for your wardrobe. A bespoke furniture specialist from Bravo London has made a comment that protruding fixed furniture and outlets can alter the design layout of your room. For example, wires, cables, lighting options and other fixtures determine where you put the wardrobe.

The location of your wardrobe can make them inaccessible. But also hide unwanted nooks and protrusions in the bedroom. Aside from that, the shape of your bedroom can also affect the size of the wardrobe. Sometimes an odd nook won’t allow a wall to wall fixture. Just the same way floor to ceiling sliding wardrobe doors on low ceilings can make the room appear smaller than it is.

Measure the Dimensions of Your Room

Knowing the dimensions of your wardrobe space can save you up to 30% storage space. It eliminates the floor space taken up by hinged wardrobe doors and increases the space used by the storage compartments. Accurate room measurements can improve your chances of getting more storage.

Installing sliding wardrobe doors

Here are the three areas of your room you should check.

  • Ceiling height – Determine the dimensions of the ceiling height by measuring the floor to ceiling height on the sides of the room and the middle. From this, you can know if the ceiling is sagging and how it will affect the design of the wardrobe.
  • Floor Level – With the floor, use a spirit level to see the exact dimensions. It’s preferable to install the wardrobe on the bare floor. However, if there is a carpet, then expect the wardrobe to be uneven.
  • Wall to wall – Check for coving and skirting which need a section removed to slide them in the panel before installing.

Failure to record these dimensions can cause a loss of uniformity in the design of your room.

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Choose the Right Interior Colour Palette

The right color palette for your bedroom and furniture can help you make a statement. You can use bright colours to give your sliding doors a bold look to differential it from the rest of the room. Or you could match it to the wall colour for a seamlessly blended look.

Neutral colours can be used to keep the room visually appealing. All the while, increasing the ability to match it to both short term and long-term bedroom furniture. The importance of having a colour palette for your sliding doors is so that nothing looks out of place.

Sliding Wardrobe Door Tradesman 

Made to measure sliding wardrobe doors can improve your home investment. If you’re interested in investing in made-for-measure sliding wardrobe doors, can help you kickstart the process. Professional tradesman can always give you design ideas and how to make furniture more practical.

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  1. kyle kidd February 11, 2020 at 6:32 pm

    I didn’t know before that cables and lighting fixtures can affect where you put your wardrobe. For her birthday this year, I want to get a wardrobe installed in our room for my wife, and it will be important for it to be placed in the right location, so our room can look beautiful with it in it. Before I choose where to have one installed, I will be sure to carefully examine where we have cables and our lighting, so I could choose the best place to put it.

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