Tips for installing metal roofing

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Installing a new roof is a significant project and it needs to be installed correctly and it helps to know. Amongst a wide variety of roofs, we recommend that you try with installing metal roofing. A metal roof is made up of panels which are supported by purlins which is the secondary frame structure. The panels usually range from 22 to 24-gauge aluminium or galvanized steel and are attached to the purlins with clips that have pre-punched holes. The clips will compensate for panel expansion and contraction without incurring damage.

Tips for installing metal roofing

The seams between the metal roof panels are standing or lapping. A roof with standing seams is an excellent option for solar panels and for casting rain.

Hiring the right team for the job

When it comes to metal roofing, experience with sheet metal outweighs having experience of other roof materials. Metal roofs are not like roofs from different types of material and workers that are used to working with wood framing, for instance, may not have the right skillset for installing a metal roof. When you’re looking to install metal roofing, it is always in your best interest to hire the right metal roof contractors with a trained team to avoid roof failure which can lead to damages and unnecessary repair costs along the line.

Helpful tips for installing metal roofing

  • Obtaining panels with the maximum length for your design can minimize end laps.
  • The adjoining panel laps must be overlapping by at least six inches.
  • When adjoining panels are overlapped, a reinforcing plate, sealant and top panel strap must be installed.
  • Ensure that all the seams interlock but still allow room for movement when the panels are expanding and contracting.

Roof slope requirements

The higher the slope is, the better the excess water can slide from it. In specific regions, installing a steeper slope is a pre-requisite for allowing snow to slip off the roof quickly and to avoid ice build-up. Low sloped roofs may impede the weather-proofing capacity of the roof. Roofs with a low slope or which are flat are likely to have a build-up of water puddles which may lead to water leaks in the future. Fastener points, penetrations, and seams must be thoroughly sealed to prevent this from happening.

Tips for installing metal roofing - beautiful metal roofing

Waterproofing methods for roofs with a low slope

For roofs that are almost flat, it is imperative to consider the following factors in the design process:

  • The load that the roof will be withstanding
  • Still-standing water
  • Waterproofing at the seams
  • Waterproofing at penetrations

If the roof panels are joined with double folds, there is a lesser chance of water leakages associated with a lapped seam roof. There is always a higher probability of water penetrating through lapped seams, fastenings, and penetrations on a metal roof, that’s why it is imperative that the roof is sealed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid this from occurring.


Metal roofing has become a popular and viable option for nearly all houses, except for those with flat roof pitches. Metal roofs are more cost-effective as they last two or three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Now when we covered most basic things when installing metal roofing you can get started with your own roofing project.

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