How to make installing DIY lighting easier for yourself

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Homes that have the right kind of outdoor lights are more attractive as well as more secure. Installing security lights, lighting up your garden, the path to your home and your doorways is something that most people will be able to tackle.

How to make installing DIY lighting easier for yourself

However, there are a few things you can do to make it even easier.

Use plug and play lighting

Very few people work with electricity much. As a result, working out exactly what you need to connect everything up is tricky. You can go online to find out, but using LED furniture lighting like this, which has been designed to be plug and play, is a far easier approach. This type of lighting is extremely versatile. It was created to enable restaurant and bar owners to light up outdoor furniture in their patio areas. Or for use in dark bars. Today, many homeowners are using this type of lighting and doing so to great effect. If you want to learn more about furniture lights, what they look like and how you could use them watch this short YT video.

Plan out your entire lighting network in advance

Plug and play outdoor lights make it easy for anyone to create a complex network of lights. You could, for example, install deck lights, spotlights and furniture lighting which can all be turned on and off by flicking one switch. If you do want to do something like this, be sure to sit down and plan everything out. Identify, which areas of the garden you want to light up and how you want to do it. Then, work out where all of the cables will need to run. A process that automatically tells you what kind of connectors you will need and how many.

How to make installing DIY lighting easier for yourself - DIY lamps

Consider using kits for simple garden lighting projects

If you only want to light up a small section of your outdoor spaces, for example, you just want to light up the pond, consider buying a kit instead of going down the plug and play route. Provided you buy the right one, you will not need to sit down and draw up a plan. Instead, all you do is unbox the kit, lay it out and plug it in.

Ask a friend to help

If you are working up high, for example wrapping a tree in fairy lights, you need an assistant. Someone to hold the ladder. Or if you have access to a scaffold tower, which is far safer to use, someone to help you to put it together. They can also be on hand to pass tools and fixings up to you. If you want to find out more about how to erect and safely use a scaffold tower you can do so by reading this short article.

Even if you are not working at height, getting a friend to help you is still a good idea. They can hold things in place while you fix them in place and be an extra pair of eyes to double-check that you have followed the instructions properly. As you can see, installing your own outdoor lights is not that difficult. But it is wise to take your time. The majority of problems occur when people rush through a DIY job and forget to do something important.

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