Helpful tips to installing blinds in your home

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If you’ve decided to install blinds on your windows, good job! Now the next step will be to research on how to go about it. Clueless as to where to start? You’re in the right place. This article will provide you 5 helpful tips to installing blinds in your home so you won’t have to stress about it.

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Hire a professional

Quick tip to those who can’t be bothered with manually installing their blinds. If you have enough budget but have no time to monitor and do things yourself, the answer is to get a window specialist. You can hire someone who offers a complete package, from helping you choose the right kind, up to buying, and finally installing. There are also others you can hire just to install. You have to do the measurements and order the products yourself, but at least you’re out of the dirty job. Make My Blinds contains detailed guides on measuring blinds. Most home improvement stores have in-house personnel you can hire to deliver and install the blinds for you.

Determine the mount

In the event you want to do things all by yourself, don’t worry. Installing blinds is generally an easy task and won’t take an entire day. First, determine how you want your blinds to be mounted. Take a step back and look at your windows from afar and imagine what kind of blinds would suit it well. Would they be inside mounted mini blinds, or outside mounted roller blinds. The most wanted nowadays are double roller blinds. The choice is all yours.

Measure carefully

Next is to go ahead and measure the length and width of your window carefully. Carefully is an understatement. You have to do it as accurately as possible. Using an aluminum tape, measure up to an eighth of an inch. Avoid rounding off and get the most accurate measurement. It’s a pretty easy job, but the repercussions are annoying. Get the wrong size and you’d have to pay more and wait more to get it resized and reinstalled.

Ensure your package is complete

Make sure your order arrives completely and perfectly at your doorstep. Unbox your package and set aside the manual. It’s very important if it’s you’re first time to mount blinds. There should be a checklist containing all the parts your need like screws, brackets, the blinds itself, and the wand. Make sure they’re complete. Check also if you got the right product. See if the material is correct and if the color is spot on. After doing your preliminary checks, it’s time to do the actual mounting!

Enjoy the installation!

You’ll need a pencil to put the mounting marks on your window or wall. You’ll also need a drill, a level, and a measuring tape. The first step in installing blinds is putting up marks where the brackets will be installed. Hold the blinds up and mark where the brackets will go. They must be level if you’re doing an outside mount. Drill the brackets in and attach the headrail and valance. Install the wand if it comes with it. If there are hold down brackets included in your package, it’s wise to attach them too. Hooking them to the bottom rail prevents your blinds from flapping around on a windy day.

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