America is home to some of the stormiest cities on the planet. New Orleans, Oklahoma, and Miami, among others, are ranked the worst in the country. Heavy rainstorms, severe snowstorms, and hurricanes are often the subject of conversation around these parts, with the local folks knowing what to do to prepare for the worst. If you’re new to one of these areas, you may be feeling a fair amount of anxiety about the weather and what a bad storm would mean for you and your family. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to prevent a ton of damage after a hectic storm surge in your area.

retaining wall near the house

One of the best ways to protect your property during a storm is by getting a retaining wall fitted, and using a heavy duty H Beam is a popular option for constructing strong and durable retaining walls. Below are five great reasons to consider installing a retaining wall with heavy duty H Beam construction as soon as possible. Below are five great reasons to install one as soon as possible:

1. Soil Erosion

During a hectic storm, soil erosion is a massive complication and often leads to severe damage to your property and the surrounding properties. Retaining walls avert soil erosion and will help to deal with runoff problems. If you live on a sloped property, raising a retaining wall is an excellent way to reduce the problems that come with owning inclined land.

2. Divert Rainwater

Heavy rains can devastate an area, particularly in flood-prone areas. Retaining walls don’t just hold soil in place and prevent erosion – they also prevent extensive property damage during heavy downpours. By thoughtfully designing a brick retaining wall, you can divert rainwater to where it can get used.

3. Reduce Liability Costs

By using pavers for retaining walls, you can limit your liability costs in the event of a severe flood. You may not realize it, but if your garden and property aren’t protected against inclement weather, your surrounding neighbors can hold you liable. Apart from acting as natural décor, retaining walls Seattle serve a dual purpose by providing an outer shelf for plants as well as helping to control excess water during heavy downpours. Retaining walls provide an instant barrier to stop flood waters in their tracks, diverting the flow of water away from your home or your neighbor’s. They also stop moisture and water from pooling in low spots on your property.

retaining wall

4. Creates Useable Space

If your property has steep slopes or unusable spaces, you’ll be severely limited with what you can do. Increase your property’s useable land by digging out a large, flat section to build on. Carve out spaces for outdoor seating areas, walkways, ponds, and more. By tiering your garden retainer walls, you can add more space to your property. They can also get used as a base for small planters to inject a pop of color into your garden.

5. Gravity Load Management

When it comes to landscaping, retaining walls are the best investment. Made from durable materials, these savvy structures can stand up to harsh weather conditions without skipping a beat! Retaining walls can withstand heavy loads, managing the gravity load like total champions. They are affordable and require such little maintenance – provided they are constructed properly.

To End

These environmentally friendly options cause minimal disruption to the natural vegetation. They are typically made from sustainable materials and effortlessly blend in with their surroundings. What more reason could you possibly need for installing them?