Why You Need to Install Gutter Guards

Cleaning the gutters is a time-consuming task. OK, so you might only have to spend two days in a year climbing up your ladder and pulling out a ton of dead leaves and moss from the gutters, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time on the golf course or watching sports on TV?
Why you need to install gutter guards

The only thing you need to do is to install gutter guards.

How Do Gutters Work?

Gutters keep direct water away from the roof and into a downpipe. They are an integral part of your home’s drainage system. When gutters fail, it causes all kinds of damage. You may not necessarily notice any problems right away, but before long, water will start seeping in along the roofline and before you know it, your interior walls have huge damp patches and the paint is flaking off.

Leaves and other debris are not your only problem. If your kids love to play with balls, you may end up with a baseball lodged in your gutter. This could easily block your downpipe and you wouldn’t necessarily notice right away.

Damaged gutters can also lead to foundation problems and flooded basements, so don’t dismiss a cracked or blocked gutter as a minor issue. It really isn’t!

The Dangers of Working at Height

Aside from the problems caused by blocked gutters, you also need to bear in mind that climbing a ladder to clean out your gutters is potentially dangerous. Falls from a height are one of the leading causes of serious injury and death in the US. It’s much better for your health if you don’t have to climb a ladder.

Why you need to install gutter guards - installing gutter guards

Different Types of Gutter Guard

Installing gutter guards is a handy way to keep gutters free from debris. There are different types of gutter guard.

Mesh gutter guards attach to the roof and sit over the gutter. The mesh lets water flow through, but it keeps leaves and other debris out. They are a relatively inexpensive solution to the age-old problem of blocked gutters, but you will need to replace mesh every couple of years.

Vinyl gutter guards sit over the gutter, but unlike mesh guards, they don’t need to be attached. Water flows through holes in the vinyl while leaves and muck are washed away.

Brush guards look rather like a giant bottle brush. They sit in the gutter and prevent any debris from building up and causing a blockage. Water flows through the brushes but leaves collect on top.

Fitting Gutter Guards

Most DIY stores sell home gutter guards, but they are not always up to the job. Buying cheap plastic gutter guards that fail in the first winter storm of the season is hardly a good investment. You’ll end up having to climb a ladder to do it all over again.

Instead, pay a professional to install gutter guards of highest quality that will continue to do their job for many years to come. You won’t have to climb a ladder and the products do a better job. In addition, professionally installed gutter guards come with a warranty, so you get peace of mind.

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