Best Places To Install Extra Lighting In My Home

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Does your house lack visibility? Do certain rooms get minimal natural lighting, or none at all? Do you feel that even with your existing lighting it’s still dark and dreary? If you said yes to any of these questions, now is the perfect time to install extra lighting in your home! Fresh lighting is always a great addition not only for visibility purposes, but also for visual aesthetics and achieving a desired mood.

lights on stairs

These are the best places to install extra lighting in your home

  • Under kitchen cabinets
  • In your shower
  • Along your stairs
  • Inside your cabinets

Under kitchen cabinets

It probably comes as no surprise that your kitchen should be well lit. After all, this is one of the places you spend most of your time, and cooking requires visibility! Installing additional lighting in unique places like under kitchen cabinets is an incredible way to illuminate your countertops while eliminating shadows. The three types of under cabinet lighting are light bars, puck lights, and tape lights. Tape lights are the more affordable option, but for good reason. They can easily lose their stickiness and fall off. If you’re looking for a more permanent, luxury option, light bars and puck lights are preferred. You’ll want to contact a licensed electrician for installation.

lights under kitchen cabinets

In your shower

The shower is another fantastic option for installing additional lighting. Not only will this new lighting illuminate dark corners, it will also transform the entire vibe of your shower into an experience akin to the spa. The two types of shower light fixtures to choose from are damp rated fixtures and wet rated fixtures. As the name suggests, damp rated fixtures won’t come in direct contact with the water, but will be exposed to moisture and humidity, resulting in dampness. Severe shower humidity isn’t ideal for these lights as it can condense and create water droplets within the fixture. Wet rated fixtures come in direct contact with water, but are sealed to prevent water from entering, making them the better option for shower lighting. Since shower lighting involves water and moisture, you will want to contact a licensed electrician for this job.

Along your stairs

If you don’t have lighting installed along your stairs, you’re missing out! Not only does it look luxurious and design-driven, it also enhances livability. Say goodbye to waking your entire house by turning on overhead lights when you can’t fight your midnight snack craving. And say hello to enhanced safety by reducing the risk of tripping in the dark when you opt for keeping the lights off. Recessed low level lighting is the best for stairs as it is often used to focus directly on each individual step and increase visibility. As always, a licensed electrician will be your best friend throughout the installation process.

Inside your cabinets

We touched on installing lighting underneath your cabinets, but another great addition is lighting inside your cabinets. This is especially useful for drawing attention to any antique china or decorative dishes you’ve collected. In addition to creating a beautiful display of your favorite dinnerware, you will also be able to sift through your cabinets with ease thanks to the increased visibility—making dinner party hosting all the less stressful. Installing new lighting to compliment your existing lighting is a transformative way to enhance visibility, livability, and interior design.

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