How Much Does It Cost to Install A Double Garage Door?

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Installation is a very important part of any project. And many people face trouble computing the accurate amount of cost, it will be taken in installation. Specifically installing a double garage door, there are many arbitrary factors that will affect your installation cost. Before installing a garage door, one should consider these factors so that it might be simple for him to install it. Though it is not easy to calculate all the costs at a site of inspection.

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Double Garage Door

In this article, we will talk about how much does it cost to install a double garage door. So, let’s start.

How Much It Will Cost to Install A Double Garage Door

Hitherto we have mentioned the advantages of installing a double garage door. Now, we will share with you the cost of installing a double garage door. For further information, you can contact with There Are some momentous factors, your installation cost in many respects depend on these factors. You have to consider these features before installing your double garage door.

These are as follows:

  • Style

There are four types of styles. These are roll up, swing up, sliding and swing-out. Though the former two styles are famous. For roll-up, you can control it with a remote. Many people prefer a roll up. For a one-piece door, swing up is the most popular choice. It swings out after that up. Latter two are less recognized. Swing out propose overhead storage. And sliding is generally used as a two-door system. These do not form big differences. Style costs for the involvement of hardware.

  • Material

It should be noted that materials, as well as hardware, significantly affect the installation cost. On average, the cost of materials for the per door will take $627.94. For a double garage door, it will take $1,255.88.

  • Labour Installation

We are recommending that your garage should be installed by professionals. You should not ignore the cost of labour. On average, the labour may cost approximately $350 per door. Therefore, the labour cost for a double garage door may cost approximately $700. If you compare labour cost with material cost, labour costs are pretty small than that of material.

  • Insulation

Insulation is an important task for installing a double garage door. Insulating steel may cost within $800-$1330. Rarely it may cost $1,700, though it is high.

  • Opener

People usually prefer to push the button instead of hand to open the garage door. And it is better because you can use a remote to control it, even you can open or shut the garage door from your car. Belt, drive, screw or chain are included in a garage door opener. A garage door opener may cost within $150-$500. By far this installation cost depends on the installer.

Why you need to spend more money by opting a double garage door?

Have you ever thought, why do you need to install a double garage door that cost higher than single door? Double garage doors have a lot of benefits, these may help you to utilize your cost. If you want to construct or are constructing a double car garage then the double garage door is a better choice for your garage. Since double garage door offers extra flexibility for using your garage.

It is now common, for personal necessary or other affairs people to drive trucks, SUVs and various large vehicles. Squeezing these large vehicles in a single-vehicle garage might be challenging for you. On the other extreme, if you have a double car garage then it will be easy to park it at the midpoint of the garage, it will provide you with a significant space on both sides.

There is a misconception that double garage doors require high-ranking horsepower openers, this claim is not exactly true. Because springs are the vital part of a garage door, they operate most of the work so you may use large springs and adjust with further tension. Moreover, for two single door garage systems, you need two openers, two sets of photo sensors and other materials, so on. You have to maintain or repair two garage doors, then it will cost more. Breakdown occurring is one of the downsides of a single door system.


In our above discussion, we have illustrated how much does it cost to install a double garage door. Though a double garage door installation may cost more than a single garage door. Therefore, we have mentioned the benefits of a double garage door. After knowing the benefits, you may find appropriate reasons why you are going to spend more? Overall a double garage door installation may cost per door within $8,00-$1,800. For a double garage door, this number might be doubled by approximately $1,600-$3,600. So, now you can start your installation process.

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