Inside secrets of carpet cleaning companies

There are many reasons to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year and even more often if you have expensive antique rugs. The ability to clean your carpets of spills, stains, and other debris can help lengthen the life of your carpet, rid your home of dirt and allergens, and make your home look nice. Have you ever wondered how professional carpet cleaners do it?
Inside secrets of carpet cleaning companies

This article will explore some of the greatest inside secrets to professionally cleaning carpets.

Three rooms for $99? Are you getting a deal?

While this may seems like an attractive deal, if you leave your rooms full of furniture, the carpet cleaning company is really not cleaning that much space. When selecting a company, ask what is included in the sale price. Some offer a higher price but are willing to move your furniture, will use a deodorizer, and or stain protector. If the company does not offer these extras in the price, be prepared for the carpet cleaning technician to try to upsell you on services when they arrive.

How you can make stains harder to clean

Chances are high that one of the main reasons you are hiring a carpet cleaning firm is to help get rid of pet or food stains. If you tried to clean it on your own, it could have made the stain set and even harder to clean. Using store brand cleaners can set the stain and make it that much harder to get out. Try not to use a variety of different cleaners as this will only make the situation worse. You are better off trying simple home products such as club soda on wine, or Dawn soap, vinegar, or baking soda on other stains. We thoroughly explained that in our article on How to clean pet stains.

The top things that are quite a nuisance for a carpet cleaning company

If you hire a company to come to your home and provide a service, you should be home so that you can pay the bill as well as unlock the door for your technician. Do stay the entire time that the service is being performed because that way you can really control what are they doing.  Avoid leaving your home in disarray as this can be annoying for those who are there to clean your carpets. They will not touch your items and will have to work around them. Lastly, if you live in a neighborhood with reserved parking, make sure this is communicated with the technician before he arrives. If you need to reschedule, make sure you call to do so.

Inside secrets of carpet cleaning companies - RugDoctor

Purchasing upsell additions can help your technician

Many carpet cleaning companies offer their technicians commission on upsell services such as deodorizers, stain guards, and other cleaning services. If your technician tries to sell you additional services, they are doing so to help you but also to try to make extra money.

Now that you are more in tune with what you can expect from a carpet cleaning company, you can begin to make a decision on which company to choose. You now know what to look for and how to interact with the company to ensure a great experience.

If your carpet don’t require professional cleaning you can always check out our tricks on How to brighten up your area rug.

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