5 ways you can Increase your Carpet’s Lifespan

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Maintaining carpets and keeping them in top condition can prove challenging. If you don’t take care of them on a regular basis, you might be forced to replace them with brand new carpets. Even if they look good, dust can get trapped in the carpet’s material which can affect the air quality in your home. If someone living in your household has allergies, the dust trapped in the carpet’s fibers can cause health problems.

5 ways you can Increase your Carpet's Lifespan

Don’t worry, because there are several things that you can do to keep your carpet looking and feeling new. It is inevitable that you will have to replace the carpets at some stage, but to keep your current carpets in good condition for several years, you might want to consider taking these tips on board.

1. Hire a professional cleaning company

Although hiring carpet cleaning services every couple of weeks might not be feasible, consider hiring them a couple of times each year instead. Unlike most homeowners, carpet cleaners will use powerful vacuums that are designed to remove the debris from the carpet. Although your carpets might look good after you have cleaned them with a standard household vacuum, it won’t manage to remove the debris embedded deep into your carpet’s material.

Before spending your hard-earned money on a cleaning service, here are some questions you should ask:

  • Do they charge a flat fee, or will you be charged per room? Consider asking the company for a written quotation before they start working on your carpets.
  • Is the cleaner insured? If the cleaner has an accident while working in your home, will you have to cover their medical bills or are they insured? Also, have they taken out a policy that covers your carpet if they accidently damage it while cleaning it.
  • Do the cleaners offer a guarantee? If you are not satisfied with the cleaning service, will they re-do the job without charging additional fees?

Consider asking friends, co-workers, or neighbors for recommendations.

2. Invest in a doormat

It’s almost impossible to prevent all dirt and debris from making its way into your home, but a doormat can help reduce the amount of nasty stuff entering your household. You might have to remind visitors to wipe their shoes on the mat before coming into the house, but most people will do it without having to be told. You might also want to make your home a no-shoe zone. Most people have no problems taking their shoes off before entering a house. Consider investing in a shoe rack, and store it at your front door. This way, people will remember where their shoes are stored.

3. Vacuum regularly

You will want to vacuum your carpets at least one time per week, however, in areas that experience heavy traffic, you might need to vacuum the carpets everyday. Although commercial cleaners are not as powerful as industrial vacuums, they will help keep your carpet clean if you use them regularly. When vacuuming your carpets, don’t forget to take your time. If you avoid vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis, dirt will eventually get stuck in the carpets material, making it extremely difficult to remove.

If you are in the market for a brand new vacuum, find out the type of carpets you have in your home first. Ask the salesperson who you bought the carpet from, or the carpet’s manufacturer for cleaning advice. They might be able to provide you with useful information on how to maintain the carpet. Make sure that you change the filter installed in the vacuum regularly to ensure it works properly. Check to see if anything got stuck in the vacuum’s nozzle before you begin cleaning.

5 ways you can Increase your Carpet's Lifespan - cleaning

4. Cleaning products

To keep your carpets looking good, you might want to invest in some cleaning products, some of which are specifically designed for cleaning carpets. Commercial carpet stain removers are readily available, and they are great for eliminating tough stains. However, before spending money on carpet cleaning products, you might have some things lying around your home that will work just as well. For example, shaving cream often gets the job done. Also, if you have spilled red wine on your carpet, you can pour some club soda directly on the stain to remove it.

5. Invest in carpet protection

Covering your expensive carpet with a rug will help keep your carpet clean. Although you will have to keep the rug clean, it’s much easier to maintain because you will be able to take it up. After washing your rug, you can leave it outdoors for a few hours to dry. You won’t be able to do this with a carpet that has been fitted in your home. Rugs are very popular, so you should be able to find a rug that suits your home’s decor.

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