How to Increase Business Space Without Relocating

How to Increase Business Space Without Relocating

For many growing businesses, space within the confines of the business premises can sometimes start to get a little cramped, which often leads towards the decision that a relocation is needed. Moving house is bad enough, but trying to relocate a fully operational company, without it impacting on the firm’s ability to provide services to its customers can really be a challenge. It is quite often the case within a business, that space is not fully utilized and just because you have a certain fixed amount of floor area, does not necessarily mean that that is all that you have to work with, if you become a little creative. If you are a young family in a not very large house, with a couple of children, utilizing bunk beds for them works really well, because it allows you to have two beds in a floor space that would normally only take one. Many businesses could apply the same theory to their workplace, and utilize the space available, above ground level, by building a mezzanine.

Mezzanine Flooring

Depending on the height of your existing premises, there is an option to build an entirely new level across part or all of the premises, dramatically increasing your storage and workspace, without the drama of having to relocate. A key benefit in the installation of a mezzanine floor is quite simply the very low costs involved. You can utilize space that was doing nothing, without incurring additional business rates, and be able to dismantle the entire thing in the future, very simply if you ever do need to finally relocate. Mezzanine flooring in Melbourne is becoming very popular within the business community, enabling significantly extra space, without having to pay increased rents, as property becomes more and more expensive.

Remaining Where You Are

Many companies have been in business in a single location for a number of years and all of their customers know exactly where to find them, so moving to a new location is undesirable, not just from the cost of such an exercise, but in the risk of losing business to competitors in the area. Successful businesses have generally spent time, effort and money promoting themselves and their location, which will have to be done all over again should you move, so staying put is a smart move all round if possible.

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It’s So Easy

Disruption to business is something all companies try to avoid wherever possible and the addition of a mezzanine floor is very simple and will cause little or no disruption to normal working procedures. They can be installed very quickly, to a totally original bespoke design, perfectly adapted to accommodate your normal operations and business requirements. Your installer can take care of all of the necessary building and planning permits, along with the engineering certification when completed, giving you extra space where you need it, fast and with minimum inconvenience. If done out of business hours, the inconvenience can be reduced to essentially none.

With designs being made on an individual basis, a mezzanine floor can make life much simpler, in a short amount of time, at a cost significantly lower than other options, which explains why so many businesses around the world are installing them.

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