How To Incorporate Metallic Accents In Any Room

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It’s often the smaller details that make a big difference to the finish of a home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to sell a property through a real estate agent, the local auctioneer Sydney, trying to sell your home independently or even just want to add some personal touches. Using metallic accents in any room can transform the look and feel of your home in moments.

How To Incorporate Metallic Accents In Any Room

Of course, you need to do it the right way.

Metal Chairs

This is a great way to bring glamour and mystique to any room. However, the art of metallic accents is that the metal finish is only part of the room. That means if you have metallic chairs, you can’t have a metal table. In short, you’re going to need to mix and match, this can be an effective way of improving the look of any room. Trust your own judgment. An alternative is to have a glass top coffee table with steel legs.

Mixing Metals

The next step in metallic accents is to try mixing different metals in the room. This is simpler than you think. Try using a deep metal for your hinges and then a lighter color, perhaps even a rose gold, for your ornaments.

Embed In The Wood

Another great way to bring metal into your room is to insert pieces of metal into wooden ornaments. Any wooden thing can be used, a coffee table, an ornament, or even your chairs.


Another option is to use metallic pictures. These can be pictures with metallic paint effects in them or pictures created with pieces of metal in them. Alongside the pictures, there are plenty of unique ornaments that can be bought which will reflect your personal tastes and can even show that you are keen on saving the planet by recycling. If you feel capable you can try creating your own metal ornaments by using any scrap metal you can find. Of course, the finished article must be in keeping with the design of your room.

How To Incorporate Metallic Accents In Any Room - living room

Light Fittings

Metallic light fittings are making a comeback and these can be put to good use in your home. Lights are often overlooked when decorating but a chandelier style light can bring glamour to your home and will contrast nicely with a more modern style wallpaper or other wall covering.

Wall Paper

If you’re ready to make a bold statement then try using metallic wallpaper, you can do it on one wall or cover all the walls with metallic paper. It will certainly create a stunning effect. However, if you do all the walls in a metallic paper you will need to be careful not to overdo the metallic accents in the rest of the room.


Perhaps one of the best ways to introduce metallic accents into your room is to mix them with textiles. For example, take a standard coffee table or small stool and cover the top in a cushion that matches the color scheme of your room. If the table or stool had metallic legs you’ve just blended textiles and metals perfectly!

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