Improving the Brand Experience of Consumers with the Use of Digital Wayfinding Kiosks

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Touch screen kiosks have come a long way over the past few decades. Gone are the days of using paper maps to locate specific locations within buildings or information. Nowadays, all you need is the right device, and everything is accessible within a few touches and swipes. These days, video directions and navigation guides are quickly replacing static maps and images of floor plans on paper. To improve the experience of their clients and raise the organisation’s overall productivity, entrepreneurs and company owners are gradually transitioning towards the full use of technologies like touch screen monitors, and  kiosks and other similar devices that are remarkably efficient in their pre-programmed tasks.

Improving the Brand Experience of Consumers with the Use of Digital Wayfinding Kiosks

In this article, we will focus on digital wayfinding kiosks and discuss how they can be implemented to improve the consumers’ brand experience.

Impressive Features of a Digital Wayfinding Kiosk

In recent years, digital wayfinding kiosks have found their way into many corporate and commercial establishments. These kiosks are welcomed and appreciated by many due to the number of benefits they offer. Let us take a look at some of the features that make digital wayfinding kiosks highly valuable.

  • Customisable maps: These devices contain elaborate maps of the premises the kiosks serve. Users can customise points on the map, depending on their needs.
  • Pan and zoom: Users can zoom in or out on the map at will. This allows them to get a better understanding of the alleys and pathways in the venue.
  • Step-by-step navigation: These devices can take the users to their destinations by breaking down the entire route into multiple, smaller steps.
  • Deep searches: Users can look up anything relevant that they need by running searches on the device.
  • QR code scanning: Users can avoid the hassle of manual inputs by simply displaying a QR code to the machine and getting the desired directions immediately.
  • Admin access: Certain users can get administrative access into the kiosk and make changes accordingly.
  • Message board: These devices display the date, time, and unread messages – especially while in idle mode.
  • Analytical information: Information on users and usage can be extracted from these devices – further upgrades can be made based on this data.

How Can Digital Wayfinding Kiosks Improve the Brand Experience?

Digital wayfinding kiosks play a key role in contributing towards a world where navigation is easy. The following sections of this article will discuss how such competent devices help improve the overall brand experience of consumers.

Customers are More Eager to Interact

Brand awareness increases when more and more people start using the product and reviewing it. As more people begin using digital wayfinding kiosks, they discover the benefits and hesitate to revert to older, more manual methods. Users can select a particular spot, let the machine take the wheels, and show them the best route to the destination. Even the most unfamiliar places are made familiar with the simple use of a wayfinding kiosk. Furthermore, this technology enables users to explore new locations with confidence. Digital wayfinding kiosks also play a key part in generating more revenue for organisations implementing them. That is because many customers can simply locate the specific product they are looking for in the kiosk once they arrive at the retail location and waste no time in fetching it and checking out. Moreover, this reduces customer confusion, stress, and hesitation, which, in turn, contributes to increased sales.

Improving the Brand Experience of Consumers with the Use of Digital Wayfinding Kiosks - using wayfinding kiosk

Customers are Provided with Essential Information

One of the most significant differences between a digital wayfinding kiosk and manual documentation is the fact that the former can provide a wealth of information to the users. In addition, this technology helps customers quickly locate the particular product they are looking for once they arrive at the retail location, helping them to save time. For instance, a digital wayfinding kiosk placed in a hospital can provide information such as the floor, current temperature, breaking news, availability of certain medical staff.

Omnichannel and Simultaneous Usage

Certain digital wayfinding kiosks can be used simultaneously with the software being applicable across different platforms. As such, users can use a kiosk on one end of a venue, go to the other end, use a different kiosk, and still do the same task. This is because the online presence of all the devices is generally connected, so that users do not have to return to the same kiosk every time they need some information to look up. Omnichannel mapping allows users to use the same software setup used in a kiosk, but on a personal mobile device or on any other gadget. This feature is greatly beneficial for most individuals using the kiosk to find their way. Once away from the kiosk, they can simply take their mobile phones or tablets out and continue from where they left off in the wayfinding kiosk. Such conveniences make these devices exceptional – especially when it comes to navigation.

Final Thoughts

New technologies are significantly improving the quality of life at a staggering pace. With digital wayfinding kiosks, there is no more need for paper maps, asking for directions, and ending up at the wrong location. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to discover this amazing technology and the benefits it offers.

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