5 Tips for improving your home in lockdown

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Due to this coronavirus pandemic, we all were forced to stay at home for our safety. We were restricted to go outside, and we had to dump all our plans for the  year of 20202 because of a nation-wide lockdown. We cancelled our summer vacations, we had to rearrange our study schedules, we had to make changes to our professional programs, everything turned to ‘work from home’.Now, every task shifted to online mode instead of how we used to do it originally – that is ‘Physically’. Hence, during our pandemic days, we couldn’t figure out how to utilise this time? We could do a lot of stuff during this pandemic, and improve our skills and interests, and we could improve our home, adopt different habits to enhance our health, and so much more.

5 Tips for improving your home in lockdown

Here are the following some things which can help us to improve our homes in this pandemic-


Garden is a place where we can plant fruits, vegetables, flowers, and we can do it by ourselves. We don’t particularly need the help of gardeners or persons from the nursery. We can easily use pots, pans, or leftover things like coconut shells or egg trays. We don’t need to have a big garden or a decorative balcony for this, and we can start gardening outside our homes by planting flowers in a home fence, by keeping pots at home entry or on sidewalls of the house. We can also plant flowers in a pot and can place them near a window in our homes. You can contact the nursery and ask them to deliver some plant seeds like tomatoes, oregano, chillies, herbs if they offer contactless delivery. If your home has a beautiful place for a garden, you can go to shrubs and different trees. You can add lightning fencing to improve the view of it. In the middle, you can add garden chairs and a music system so that when we sit, it gives us soothing music with an excellent view.

Cordless drills

Cordless drills are battery-powered drills that we can use to drill holes or drive screws. This is the most common tool that we can keep in our tool kit, and it will help us improve our home. As this lockdown helps us become self-independent, we should keep such tools and learn to install things by ourselves instead of always calling mechanics and electricians to do little tasks. We can use these power drills to make a piece of furniture or install a light fixture, or install screws for our wall hangings. These drills will make our work easy. As technology is improving itself, everything is improving itself with the technology, and the things we keep in our tool kit are also improving. We can’t say that traditional drills were not good, that was too great, but these cordless drills are best. You can choose the best cordless drills for your home-made self toolkit from amazon as per ratings and reviews.

Smart housekeeping

We all struggled in this lockdown for many reasons like work from home, lack of network facilities, how to pass the free time, etc. One such struggle was housekeeping, as in lockdown, most of our housemaids and house help were not available. We were forced to do our housekeeping ourselves, including all the household activities like cooking, cleaning, etc. In that time, it isn’t effortless to keep our house well-organized and well-maintained as most of you all have not done these household activities before due to all-time available place help.


One way to improve your house at that time is to do wise housekeeping. You all can divide the household tasks among all the available family members. Everyone can adopt one activity that they can do best. In this way, all of you will maintain your house together, doing a single activity for one member. No one will feel overburdened or unburdened. Everyone will have equal work and equal effort. This intelligent housekeeping will let you have a charming and well-maintained house even without any help.

5 Tips for improving your home in lockdown - painting

Cozy corner

Developing a cosy corner for snuggling around can be an excellent option. As you are stuck at home only and are not allowed to roam around other comfortable places in your city. You should think about developing a cosy corner of your home to have your evening tea/ coffee/ snack breaks, get creative, read a book, etc. You can set up a cute table- chai, throw in some mattresses or pillows, pile up a good collection of books or magazines, and whatnot.

Productive home office/ study area

While being forced to study/ work from home, you should think about making a productive home office/ study area in your home where you can work from home effectively and efficiently. You can choose a piece of exceptionally comfortable furniture for your home office as you will be sitting and working on it for most of your day. You should select a simplified ergonomic adjustment to prevent all the stiffness and back pain you can get from sitting on these desks for more extended periods.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far are five ways to improve your home in pandemic lockdown. You can adopt these activities to upgrade your home decor and make it a better and beautiful place. Having a beautiful home is bliss, as you spend most of your life there. These lockdown times have made us realize that keeping our home well-maintained and improved, will have a very positive effect on our lifestyle. Hence we should engage in activities that will help us in having an enhanced home.

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