5 Ways You Can Improve Your Next Open House Event

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Many real estate agents with extensive experience in the field go to great lengths to make their client’s homes impressive. During an open house, customers from all walks of life step in to see if they may buy the home. However, if the house looks dull and lifeless, it will not appeal to many potential buyers. Therefore, property owners and real estate agents need to make the open house unforgettable.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Next Open House Event

One of the ways to wow the attendees is by using exhibition stands; this is a sure way to make your presentations or demos more exciting. For example, it can help you highlight some benefits and exciting features of the property, thus enabling prospective buyers to learn more. Therefore for custom or hybrid exhibition stands, contact Expocart. You will be spoilt for choice as you discover an expansive range of exhibition stands that can either be portable or modular. This post will share other lucrative yet affordable ways in which you can improve your next open house event.

How to improve your next open house event

Consider the buyer’s schedule

When picking the most appropriate time to hold an open house, consider the buyer’s schedule first. If the open house is set to take place on the weekend, schedule them in the early morning or evening. This will permit people to see the open house and still have enough time to enjoy their weekend away from work. If you prefer to host the open house on a weekday, think of when your attendees get off from work and start it at five in the evening. This will allow them to get off from work and see the open house. Nonetheless, do not leave out possibilities of people who may want to visit the house at a different time. You can take the time to schedule an appointment that will accommodate them.

Offer refreshments

In an open house, snacks and refreshments are the life of the party. This makes the open home more inviting, and those in attendance will appreciate the effort. Furthermore, you can dial it a notch higher by matching the beverages with the season in which you are hosting the open house. For instance, during summer, you may offer lemonade or ice tea. If it is during winter, provide hot cocoa and warm apple cider during fall. Selecting snacks can be a handful. Therefore, choose something easy to chew and swallow.

Source for open house goodies from local shops

When looking for snacks and beverages, make contact with local bakeries and cafes. Further, you can invite local businesspersons to host a pop-up shop that will attract more customers. Ask a local home décor showroom also to display their products at the open house. This will increase the visibility of the house. It will also encourage many people to attend the open house, and the prospective buyer may come from those in attendance. It may also help if you work with the local shops and arrange a discount on commodities for attendees.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Next Open House Event - open house

Prepare the house

During the event, the main attraction is the house. Therefore, you must ensure you stage it to be inviting and presentable. To enhance its visual appeal, you can make minor repairs like replacing a faulty bulb in the living room or painting a scuffed region in the wall. Furthermore, you can ask the seller to keep any personal items for the attendees to view. It is easier to sell a house if the buyer can already visualize how they want to arrange items in the house. Showing highlights of the house, such as a place to view the sunrise and sunset, may help encourage a sale.

Be ready to answer any questions from the attendees

Apart from making a great impression on the visitors, it is also essential to give them a good experience. You can display your professionalism by preparing for any questions they might ask. Some of the questions may involve the community setting and inquiries about the price and buying process. Gathering as much information about the house and the neighborhood will be beneficial as you will provide the buyer with all the information they require. By doing so, you will also be highlighting the unique selling points of the house when talking with the visitors.


There are newer ways of generating leads when searching for a buyer. However, an open house remains to be a great way of gaining prospects and showcasing a house. When hosting an open house, you need to make the experience enjoyable and unforgettable. You also need to ensure the environment is safe, especially during these times. This will encourage a sale, and the attendees will never forget your efforts as a real estate agent.

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