How to Easily Improve the Quality of Your Sleep 

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As most of us obviously know by now, sleep has a huge impact on your health, overall wellness, and quality of life. You also probably know that while the quantity of sleep counts, the quality matters twofold. This is why health experts recommend getting at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every day for adults, and slightly more for babies and minors.

How to Easily Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

When you have sleep problems, it is not unusual to experience difficulties in concentration and focus during the day. Some people even complain of headaches, body pains, and general body fatigue with reduced energy levels. Productivity at work is likely to suffer, and your social life could be affected because sleep deprivation affects mood. Over time, poor sleep also affects immunity and increases the chances of suffering a diverse range of ailments related to one’s lifestyle. The good news is that you can always take the initiative to improve your health and overall wellness. You can ensure you get quality sleep every night. On this note, here are some tips on how to easily improve the quality of your sleep.

1. Ensure a Cozy Bedroom Environment

Quality sleep starts with ensuring a comfortable, quiet, and soothing environment. On this note, your bedroom should have neutral wall colors with muted shades or soothing colors such as blue. Lighting shouldn’t be so bright, and should preferably have an accessible switch to dim or turn off, such as by the bedside. You can also make your room darker with heavy curtains and blinds that block the light and regulate temperatures. Be sure to eliminate any noise that could distract or disrupt your slumber. Besides the temperatures from the warm bedding and fabrics (below), a room heater or an HVAC can be used when the temperatures are at the extreme.

2. Get the Right Bed and Mattress

Most importantly, you will want to invest in a quality bed, mattress, and bedding that will keep you warm and cozy the entire night. The mattress is perhaps the most important element here because it has a huge impact on how easily you can fall and stay asleep. Thanks to the internet, you can always order a quality mattress anytime from the comfort of your couch. If you’re a bit conscious of the budget, the folks at Sleep Reviewer have listed the best times to buy a mattress online to save money without sacrificing quality. From Independence Day to Presidents Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Black Friday, these dates are reputed for crazy discounts, offers, coupons, and promotions that will help add value to your buck.

3. Cut Down on Caffeine

There are no prizes for mentioning the usual suspects here. Caffeine interferes with deep sleep. That is why we are advised against tea, coffee, colas, and energy drinks before bed. It is the best energy booster at the right time. As a stimulant, caffeine should be taken during the day and six hours before bedtime. Alongside alcohol, other beverages are not left out either and should be taken with limitation a few hours before naptime.

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4. Practice Bedtime Routine

The human anatomy works following a particular system based on learning and adaptation or what it is used to. That is why you will find an alcoholic shaking like a posho mill when they have not had a bottle or two for the road. The same case applies to your sleep pattern. First, a warm bath an hour or two before bed is undoubtedly the medicine to improve quality sleep. It reduces your waiting time to fall asleep because it lowers body temperature, which allows you to fall asleep faster. Gentle yoga and non-intense exercises help reduce the day’s stress and relieve tension. If you must exercise, let it be 3 hours before bedtime.

5. Nap Sensibly

Daytime power naps are highly beneficial when you have had too much pressure out in the streets of life, but they are best kept short. Daytime naps should be restricted to thirty minutes to one hour to keep insomnia at bay during bedtime. Additionally, getting as much natural light exposure during the day tunes your body as the day progresses. When darkness falls, your biological clock should ring that it’s time for some bed rest. Lastly, did you know that getting excess sleep makes you feel more tired? Yes, sleeping too much is not healthy. It can easily destroy your relationship with others and your reputation at work. This is not to forget the likelihood to cause body aches here and there.

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