How can I improve my lounge on a budget?

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Making changes around the house can often seem like a very expensive task, but there are plenty of ways that you can improve your home without breaking your budget.

How can I improve my lounge on a budget

Whether you want to redecorate before you sell or simply make the place more comfortable for yourself, these are our top tips to updating your lounge!

1. A new rug

Adding a new rug to your living area will revamp the place and is beneficial for several reasons. If you pick a large rug it can act as new flooring which will look like a pricey update that you can secure on a budget; it also allows you to pick any colour that you want and can be a stunning focus point in a room, especially if you want to lean into a new colour scheme. Rugs are also great on wooden or laminate flooring as it will be warmer underfoot, which will make your lounge feel more welcoming. You’ll likely be able to find various offers to save money when you look for a rug if you do some research, keeping those costs down for you.

2. Refresh the walls

Repainting walls will always make a room look fresh and clean, and can be done for a very low price. If you’re updating your home because you were wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, painting is a great solution. It’s best to pick neutral colours so the rooms look bigger and brighter; it also makes it easier for any potential buyers to imagine their own items in the house as those neutral shades act as a blank canvas.

If you’re decorating for yourself, you can lean into bolder colours that will really make the room pop. Feature walls are a perfect way to change a room, and is also a good solution for those who want to add some colour without going too over-the-top. You can do this with wallpaper or paint, depending on your budget – wallpaper is a more expensive option but if you shop smart, you’ll likely still be able to find some beautiful rolls on a great offer.

3. Update cushion covers

Some homes have lots of cushions on the sofas, and some less so, but updating these is a really quick, easy, and cheap way to make your lounge look like new. You can look at different colours and materials to compliment the colour scheme that you’ve chosen, and even look at incorporating a different tone than you would have done previously to really stand out. If you don’t have many cushions, adding some more can make a big difference as they will make your sofas look more welcoming while adding more colour and dimension to your home. Some people don’t want to have too many, so adding a brightly patterned throw over the backs of your seats is a good alternative that will make them look cosy.

How can I improve my lounge on a budget - nice lounge

4. Put some art up

A lot of the time, we forget how much space we miss out on by not utilising the walls. Putting up some artwork completely changes the atmosphere of a room, and is a great way to make it more personal to you without having to spend a huge amount. You can get prints and canvases from all sorts of shops for a good price, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try your hand at making your own with some craft supplies. This lets you pick the exact colours and styles that you want to hang up and can be incredibly fun – it also adds a huge amount of achievement when you can put your own work up and display it, especially when visitors point it out.

5. Change your layout

One of the best ways to make a room look like new without having to spend a penny is to mix up where your items are and change the floorplan. Lounges are the perfect room for this as there are plenty of things that you can move without too much effort, and you’ll likely be surprised with how many different layouts you can design with what you’ve got. You can rearrange your furniture every few months to make the room feel new again, and sometimes even just moving a couple of items will make a big difference. This is an easy option for any home as it doesn’t rely on any new things, and while it will still be the same stuff, it makes a room look dramatically different. A lot of homeowners like to move their things closer together in the winter to be cosier, and then back in the summer to provide more space in the warmer months to be as comfortable as possible. No matter your budget, there are plenty of ways that you can improve your living area and have it feeling friendly and welcoming to anyone who enters your home.

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