Improve Your Living Space with Roof Windows

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Most people will agree that they could use additional space within their house.  A great way to increase space and also add value to your house is by doing a loft conversion. When doing so it is important that your loft has good ventilation and adequate lighting to make it a desirable living space. Luckily, there is the perfect item for the job – Roof windows. Roof windows will transform a dark and dingy loft into a light, airy and cosy room. No longer will the loft be somewhere where you just throw seasonal items in and unwanted presents, but it can be the ideal peaceful living space with natural light.

Improve Your Living Space with Roof Windows

Roof windows do not just have to be for the loft, they can also be used for extensions throughout your house, they are often used over kitchens and dining spaces to add light and help increase the sense of space. In order to ensure that you get the best roof window for your living space, you will want to get this fitted by a professional and reliable roofing contractor such as Coventry Roofers. They have compiled and recommend the following tips when finding and installing the perfect roof window for your loft or extension.

Size and Position

Choosing the right location for your window is dependent on many things, you may want to include it near a space where you will be fitting a desk or using a sofa. Think of how the interior design will work with your new roof light. Once you have decided where to put the window, measure the area that you would like to fit the window. You will also need to measure the opening dimensions of your window – to do this remove the riles/slates and cut through the underneath rafters.

Improve Your Living Space with Roof Windows - installing roof window

Remember – there will need to be a sufficient support between the roof beams and floor so that it can take the weight, before the dwangs are fitted. One of the best suppliers for roof windows is Velux they have a great range of high end windows to fit all budgets.

Installation Tips

Once the roof windows are ready to fit, they must be handled with care when unpacking and opening. The glass will have to be removed from the frame for fitting which can be done by pushing the pins located in the hinges. Fit the brackets into the 4 corners of the window frame using the screws provided, and the frame should then be placed on the baton’s top and fixed with the screws. Fit the window using the black wedge if necessary and install the flashings around the window, beginning with the lower flashings. Once completed, the tiles/slates can be replaced. Reinstall the glass while the window is passing upside down via the roof opening. Hinges should be in their respective position as if the window is closed. Lugs will be opened. Holding the window in place.  The window then can be rotated and safely closed. Its time to now enjoy the natural light and bask in your new living space!

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