Ways To Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

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Energy costs money but it is an essential part of your home and lifestyle. Improving the energy efficiency of your home will save you money and it can also help to save the planet as it could reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

The good news is that it’s easier than you think to start becoming energy efficient today!


Did you know that a plugged-in charger uses a small amount of electricity, even when the appliance is not connected? The amount is small but, if you multiply this by the number of items in your home that are left plugged in, you’ll quickly realize just how much energy you’re wasting.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Old-fashioned light bulbs should be changed and replaced with LED ones. These use a fraction of the electricity that a conventional bulb does. You may even be able to get a grant for replacing your light bulbs!

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Have An Electrical Inspection

Get a local level 2 electrician to complete an electrical inspection on your home. The cost is low and the results may surprise you. Not only will they pick up on overloaded sockets that cause a risk of fire, but they’ll also note electrical leakages. This generally happens when a live or neutral is sending power directly down the earth cable, effectively wasting your electricity. You can do a basic leakage check by shutting off all your appliances and then seeing if your meter reading changes over the course of an hour.

Create Your Own Electricity

This doesn’t strictly speaking improve your energy efficiency. But, it does give you a separate source of electricity which will reduce your electricity bills and reduce your environmental footprint. The most common option is solar panels, although you can opt for wind power if you prefer.


Insulating your home is the very best way to stop heat escaping. This can make a dramatic difference to your energy bills and is a very simple change. You can fit the insulation yourself or a professional will do it for you. As well as boosting your insulation you should check all the doors and windows for gaps. These are often the result of damaged or old caulking. Replace this to prevent drafts from coming in.

Change Your Thermostat

If you have a central heating system then consider turning your thermostat down by just 1-2°. It will make very little difference to the warmth of your home but it will reduce your energy consumption.

Change Your Appliances

If you can it’s a good idea to replace your old appliances with newer, energy-efficient ones. The cost of replacing appliances can actually be offset by the energy savings you’ll make, even if it takes a year or two to get it all back.

Add Windows & Mirrors

You don’t need the lights on as much if you add windows and mirrors that allow the light in and bounce it around your home. It’s as easy as positioning the mirrors in the right places.

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