4 Small But Important Items Any DIYer Can’t Go Without

When you’re working on a DIY project, there are certain tools you need. Starting the project without them would mean spending much more time on frustrating tasks that you could’ve easily accomplished if you’d had these items.

4 Small But Important Items Any DIYer Can't Go Without

Whether you’re working on a renovation, doing repairs, restoring furniture, or crafting a wooden object, these are 4 small but important things you simply can’t do without.

Tape Measure with Fractions

Having a tape measure that labels the fractions between inches can make it much simpler when taking measurements for your project. You won’t have to waste time trying to figure out what each hash mark represents, and will cut down on costly mistakes. Most display the fractions in eighths or sixteenths, giving you plenty of easily identifiable marks when using them for projects of any size. Guesstimates will finally be a thing of the past. Some even come with an erasable notepad for when you’re taking quick measurements and don’t want to put the tape measure down to record them. Magnetic tips are also available, therefore allowing you to keep the end of your tape measure secure when working. You’ll be doing plenty of measuring on any DIY project, so this is an essential item to have in your toolkit.

Gaffers and Blue Painters Tape

You’ll need tape for all kinds of purposes when working on a DIY project. If you need to keep something in place, gaffers tape is the best choice. While similar to duct tape in that they’re both great for securing things in place, duct tape can be a pain to remove. With gaffer tape, you can fasten anything you need, and since it comes off easily, there’s no need to worry about that annoying sticky residue that duct tape leaves behind. It also works much better in higher temperature environments and can withstand more heat than duct tape. Blue painter’s tape is another essential item while doing a project. You can use it to get clean edges when painting or for measurements, as you can easily write on it with any marker, pencil, or pen. This is much better than marking measurements on the surface of your walls or floor. It’s easy to tear without needing scissors or blades and is easily removed. You can also carry a roll around your wrist which makes it convenient when moving around constantly. These two types of tape will help you out immensely on any project.

4 Small But Important Items Any DIYer Can't Go Without - drill

Stud Finder

When you need to hang something on your walls, a stud finder will make the process straightforward. They are intuitive to use and it won’t take long for you to get the hang of it. Finding studs on your own can take extra time that you don’t want to waste. You would have to inspect your baseboard, figure out where the switches and outlets are positioned, or measure from the corners. It’s much faster and easier to just use a stud finder, and you’ll be more confident about its accuracy. You absolutely can’t afford to be inexact when hanging something up. Nothing kills a DIY project faster than hammering a nail or drilling screws into your wall, only to realize you’ve gone through in the wrong place and damaged it. Rather than risk destroying your walls, just keep a stud finder on hand. 

Variety Pack of Paint Brushes

Most DIY projects will require you to paint or varnish something. Having a good variety in size, shape, and style of paintbrushes means that you’re always ready with the perfect tool for the job. Different bristle types work better for different paints or varnishes, so having plenty of options to choose from ensures that you won’t end up using one that’ll give you the wrong texture. Match the bristle to the finish of whatever you’re working on. Oil-based paint or varnish works better when using natural bristles, while synthetic ones are preferable for water-based types. Thinner brushes will work for most woodworking jobs unless you’re painting fences or panelling. A brush with bristles cut at an angle, which is ideal for painting trim. As long as you properly clean and maintain your brushes, they should last you through many projects.

The DIY ethos is now more popular than ever. When you’re working on a project, you’ll want to focus on your craftsmanship without having to run around to find the right tools, so make sure you always have everything you might need at hand. Being prepared is an important part of any DIY project. Keep this list in mind when you’re getting ready for your next project; as long as you have these essentials, it’ll be a breeze!

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