HVAC Watertown NY: How To Prepare Your Home For Heating and Cooling

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HVAC Watertown NY How To Prepare Your Home For Heating and Cooling

Preparing your home’s HVAC or Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system for heating and cooling as the seasons and temperatures change, is critical to ensure that your home stays cozy and nice throughout the seasons. Imagine what discomfort can a faulty system bring during summers with sweltering heat and winters with bone-chilling temperatures. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home’s HVAC system all year round:

Keep your system well-maintained

Keeping your HVAC system in tip-top shape all the time is one of the most important things you should do to keep your home ready for the ever-changing temperatures all year long. A well-maintained system can significantly contribute to keep your home comfortable during the hot and cold seasons.

Here are some DIY or do-it-yourself maintenance tips to follow:

  • Change air filters – Most systems recommend that you change your air filters monthly. However, you should always read your system’s manual and follow the specific recommendation. It’s always a good practice to keep your filter rotation on a schedule.
  • Test your thermostat – Before the freezing temperatures of the winter season hit your home, you should test your thermostat by warming it up and checking if it can reach the set temperatures.

If you feel that your system needs professional attention, you must immediately call an HVAC service company for inspection and repairs. The company’s technician will inspect your heating and cooling systems to ensure that it’s working correctly and efficiently, and diagnose any developing issues within your system — preventing it from breaking down when you need it most.  And if you’re wondering about professional HVAC services in Watertown, New York; you can visit the website eandvenergy.com for more information.

Check and clean ducts and vents

Before you turn on your HVAC system, make sure that air ducts and vents are free from any debris or dust. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Clean your dryer vent

    This flexible metal tubing that is connected to your dryer helps in venting out water vapor from your dryer. However, as it vents out water vapor, the vapor pressure will produce lint. This lint will build up over time inside your vent and will make your dryer ineffective, inefficient, and a fire hazard.
    Cleaning your dryer vent once a month, especially during the winter season will prevent any lint build up. Additionally, if your vent is made out of cheap vinyl or plastic material, you should consider changing it to metal to make it safer and sturdier.

  • Vacuum air ducts and vents

    Clogged air ducts and vents will promote poor air circulation, and can also blow up dust into your home if the dust gets through your filters. Household clutter and dust usually builds up on your air vents and gives your home poor air quality.
    You should inspect air vents and vacuum if there’s any accumulation of dust and clean out any clutter that may clog your vents. Additionally, you can also wash your HVAC’s vent covers to improve its efficiency.HVAC Watertown NY How To Prepare Your Home For Heating and Cooling - vents

Consider using a humidifier

Humidifiers can help improve your home’s air quality by moisturizing dried-out air during the summer and from heating systems during winter. This can be really helpful during the cold season, as your heaters work for extended periods. Having a humidifier at home can also prevent exacerbate allergies and respiratory irritations caused by dry air — making your home more comfortable.

Consider airing out your home

Take the opportunity to air out your home during the spring season. Take advantage of the mild spring temperatures by opening all your windows and let the fresh air inside. This can give you a good air circulation throughout your home, and more importantly, it can help remove unwanted odors and can prevent mildew and mold infestation.

Seal out air leaks

Gaps and drafts can leak out precious cold air during summer and can suck in cold air during the winter. This can result in inefficient heating and cooling, and can also significantly increase your heating bills. Inspect all your windows and doors for gaps and drafts around the frames. Window stripping and door frames are common areas that usually need repairs. In case you find out any possible air leak, have it repaired immediately.

Closing thoughts

Having your home’s HVAC system prepared throughout the seasons is essential to keep you and your family comfortable, and to make your home energy-efficient. Keep this article in mind whenever preparing your home for heating and cooling, and make sure that you hire a professional and a reliable company to maintain your system.

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