Is Your HVAC Making You Sick?

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If you are experiencing any of the following HVAC symptoms, you may need to get your furnace or air conditioner serviced. As a home improvement blogger, I am often asked to write articles on a variety of topics. Today, I would like to answer some questions about HVAC repair. Read on to learn more about how your heating and cooling system can affect your health.

Is Your HVAC Making You Sick

In addition to providing your home with necessary heat and air conditioning, an HVAC system also provides a home with clean air. If your furnace or air conditioner is not working properly, your home’s indoor air quality may not be as healthy as you think. A poorly maintained HVAC system can produce allergens that can exacerbate allergies and respiratory ailments such as asthma. Additionally, older systems that are improperly insulated may emit higher levels of carbon monoxide into the home. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and highly poisonous gas that can be deadly when left unchecked.

Clogged Air Filters Cause Poor Air Quality

The filters in your HVAC system get clogged with debris like dust, fabric fibers, pet dander, and hairs over a period of 30 to 60 days. Studies have shown that respiratory conditions like asthma and allergy symptoms are worse in homes where HVAC filters don’t get changed or cleaned regularly. It can also lead to serious breathing complications, like coughing while sleeping or development of excess mucous. If you have indoor pets, you should change or clean your filters at least once every month or every 45 to 60 days if you don’t have pets. This will help to improve indoor air quality in your home.

HVAC Leaks Can Cause Gas Poisoning

A notable issue that can lead to health complications is a leak in your HVAC system. Most furnaces use oil or natural gas to provide heat. A leak could mean that carbon monoxide is leaking into your home and pose a danger to you and your family’s health. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous poisonous gas that can lead to death if inhaled in large quantities. If your furnace uses gas or oil, and you suddenly realize that you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms, you should open the windows, vacate the home immediately, and call a professional. The symptoms will disappear once you get a healthy dose of fresh air.

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Less Air Moisture Can Lead to Skin and Eye Irritation

The other common health problem associated with HVAC systems is skin and eye irritation. If your HVAC unit is not tuned properly and as a result ends up sucking excess indoor moisture, it might cause your eyes and skin to dry out, leading to constant irritation and itchiness. You can buy a humidifier to help remedy this problem, but the best advice is to get a professional HVAC service Phoenix AZ to inspect your entire HVAC system and see if it can be properly balanced.

Your home’s heating and cooling system can have a severe impact on your health if it is not properly maintained. Clogged filters can lead to poor indoor air quality, while leaks can lead to gas poisoning, and a system that sucks excess indoor moisture can lead to constant irritation or the eyes and skin. To ensure that you system is working properly and not posing a danger to you and your family’s health, contact a professional HVAC service Phoenix AZ before the heating or cooling season begins.

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