HVAC Contractors in Irvine CA – Local Irvine, CA Air Conditioner Repairs

Is there something wrong with your air conditioner? You need no expert knowledge to recognize the most obvious signs of malfunction, such as weird noises, unpleasant smells, wall stains near the unit, blowing hot air, etc.

HVAC Contractors in Irvine CA - Local Irvine, CA Air Conditioner Repairs

Nevertheless, identifying the problem is the first step, which should be followed by hiring professional assistance. The only way to prevent a breakdown is by getting in touch with the best local AC experts to diagnose and handle the problem. These are the most common AC issues that Irvine residents need help to fix.

AC running constantly

A common problem Irvine residents experience with their air conditioners is the failure of the units to turn off. Even though it’s normal for ACs to run often when the weather is hot, they should turn off from time to time. When the system fails to shut off, the main components are not as protected as before, and the bills keep on increasing. Moreover, this issue has multiple causes, ranging from a problem with the thermostat or compressor to issues with the electrical parts or air filters. Homeowners in Irvine are advised to switch off the thermostat fan and wait to see whether the AC shuts down. Make sure you click here to check out the most common cooling and heating services. If the thermostat fan refuses to turn off, you should contact an AC repairman to pinpoint the defect and handle the repair with ease.

AC fails to turn on

Another issue residents of Irvine might face is the failure of the air conditioner to turn on. There is nothing more frustrating than waking up on a scorching day only to find your unit dysfunctional. In case the system refuses to engage after setting the thermostat to a low temperature, you should waste no time contacting the professionals. The most usual cause for this problem is a tripped circuit breaker. Some of the other causes might include loose wiring and a faulty thermostat. Therefore, hiring an Irvine HVAC contractor is the right step to take. These technicians have special equipment for diagnosing electrical and other types of issues, meaning they will find the root of the defect in no time.

HVAC Contractors in Irvine CA - Local Irvine, CA Air Conditioner Repairs - AC unit

No cool air

Many homeowners in Irvine experience issues with the flow of cool air, which can manifest in two ways. For instance, homeowners might hear the unit running normally but feel no air coming from the ducts. The other scenario involves feeling some air, which is not cool at all. Potential causes include a tripped circuit breaker, a worn blower belt, or low refrigerant levels. HVAC professionals will not have any trouble fixing the tripped breaker or replacing the blower belt with a new one. Regarding the refrigerant levels, they can easily check the levels of existing refrigerants and add Freon if necessary. Follow this URL, https://www.britannica.com/science/Freon, to learn more about the properties of Freon.


Irvine residents often come across issues such as water and refrigerant leaks, the latter of which they might not notice at first. Refrigerant leaks tend to develop in coolant lines, causing no obvious signs of malfunction. Some of the usual signs include stains in a bright color that appear near the unit and extremely high levels of moisture. In addition, coolant lines and other system connections are susceptible to degrading as time goes by, which eventually results in refrigerant leaks. Water leaks, on the other hand, are mainly triggered by faulty condensate pumps and blockage in the drainage pumps. The moment you notice a leak of any kind, you should immediately switch the unit off and contact the pros. Bear in mind that low levels of refrigerant are likely to cause severe damage to the compressor, which is among the costliest parts to repair. Certified HVAC technicians in Irvine are skilled at finding the source of leaks and selecting the most appropriate solution for the problem.

HVAC Contractors in Irvine CA - Local Irvine, CA Air Conditioner Repairs - contractor

AC blowing hot air

Another reason why residents of Irvine might decide to hire the assistance of AC repair technicians is when their units blow hot instead of cool air. Just imagine the scenario of turning the unit on and feeling hot air on your face and body. The causes of hot air blowing out can be having a dirty air filter, obstructed ducts, or debris inside the system, making the compressor overheat. Homeowners in Irvine can prevent this issue from happening by having their filters replaced by professionals, as well as have their ducts cleaned. Also, these technicians inspect the system for leaks before adding refrigerant as part of their maintenance services.

HVAC Contractors in Irvine CA - Local Irvine, CA Air Conditioner Repairs - thermostat

Short cycling

Residents of California might deal with another type of problem called short cycling. It refers to the inability of the unit to complete an entire cooling cycle, hence turning on and off repeatedly. This issue should not be left unaddressed, as it might cause serious compressor damage. The root of the issue might be simple, such as a clogged filter or an improperly calibrated thermostat. Sometimes, the AC might be overly powerful for a particular home, which also leads to short cycling. Nevertheless, AC technicians have experience in assessing the cooling needs of homes and assisting homeowners in the choice of thermostat and unit.

To sum up

Ignoring an AC problem is the worst decision a homeowner can make. Before you know it, your unit might break down and be beyond repair!

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