How to Use an Angle Grinder – 5 Tips to Grind Like a Pro

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Do you need to grind something? Using a tool might do the trick. Although angle grinders have been popular with many people, these tools might not be as easy-to-use as the others. There are many things you need to consider before you buy one. Luckily, there are reliable websites that you can always access when it comes to grinders. One of them is the Grinder Power Tool; they offer plenty of reviews and recommendations that you can trust.

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After you’ve purchased an angle grinder, you probably want to practice and become more confident in using it. Once you’ve gotten used to it, you can save money and have better skills that you can utilize when building or repairing something in your house (you might even want to use it for making money, such as construction jobs). So how do you become better at using an angle grinder? We’ve gathered five tips that can help you grind like a pro.

1. Protect Yourself When Using the Grinder!

Before using your angle grinder, always think about safety. Wearing protective gear could help a ton. You have to understand that a grinder is noisy. If you don’t protect your ears, you could damage them, giving you ringing sounds. This could affect your listening as you grow older. Another thing that you should note is that when you’re using an angle grinder, there’s going to be debris all around you. The debris could hit your body and inflict damage. You are probably not using your angle grinder every day, which means there’s a tendency to become sloppy and accidentally hit yourself. Because of these things, wearing hearing protection, gloves, and something that will act as a shield for your face is best. When it comes to clothing, we highly recommend using long sleeves to protect your arms from debris.

2. Keep the Sparks Away From You

Whenever you use your angle grinder, it’s best to angle the sparks away from you. Since the tool produces a lot of debris, there’s a tendency that you’d get hit. Let’s say you’re wearing protection. You might think you don’t need to worry about the debris. Generally? No! You don’t need to. However, it’s still a best practice to angle it away from you to protect yourself in case of an accident. Doing this practice will also save you money because your working clothes will last longer. Since they don’t get hit by debris, you’d be able to maximize their usage.

3. Surface Grinding Tip

When you’re surface grinding, always use the wheel’s flat part. You should also keep that angle between 20º-30º, between your grinder and your work surface. Next, put the blade guard in the back position. You have to make sure that it faces your body. Whenever you’re doing it, you have to grind the surface smoothly. You should avoid putting too much pressure. Instead, let the wheel take care of the job. You can put pressure on it, but just enough to ensure that there’s a result. You might want to put a lot of pressure on yourself to finish the job faster, but we don’t recommend it as it often leads to accidents.

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4. Holding an Angle Grinder for Using Cutting Wheels

When you are using cutting wheels, you should handle cutting straight on. This will allow you to utilize the wheel’s edge more and cut it into your work surface. However, you should avoid bending the wheel in any direction as it could inflict injury or damage the tool and your workstation. Since you are doing this position, the guard will always be on top. It’ll serve as protection from debris. However, if the guard isn’t between the cutting disc and your face, you should move the angle grinder until you get the proper protection.

5. Your Angle Grinder for Light Work or Sanding

If you’re going to use your angle grinder for sanding, you should hold the device to an angle, between 5º-10º, toward the work surface. That’ll give you more control over your tool. Keep in mind that when doing light work, you should always put minimal pressure on the device to get the best results. Instead of putting much, you should allow the grinder and its accessory to do the job. Remember that if you put too much pressure on the device, it wouldn’t speed things up. You’ll get hurt instead. As hospitalization prices get higher, we should always be careful, especially when using power tools like angle grinders.

Sum Up

An angle grinder is a great tool. It can get the grinding job faster and more efficiently. However, you should always use it cautiously as it could inflict damage. As a bonus tip, when you buy any accessory for your angle grinder, make sure that it should be able to handle the max RPM of the device. This will guarantee it won’t fall off while using it. So make sure to follow the tips above to ensure your safety and get the best results when grinding.

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