How to Take TV Measurements to Ensure a Perfect Fit in Your Space

TVs have become an essential part of our daily lives. We watch movies and TV shows, play video games, and even use them for work. Because TVs are such a significant investment, it is vital to take the necessary measurements to ensure that the TV will fit in your space perfectly.

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In this article, we will provide tips on taking those measurements and finding the perfect TV for your home.

How to measure your space for a TV

Before purchasing a TV, you need to know the exact dimensions of your space. We recommend measuring your wall’s length, width, and height to determine the size of the TV that will fit. It will help ensure that you don’t end up with 65-inch tv dimensions that are too big or small for your space. The first step is to measure the width of the wall. To do this, use a measuring tape and measure from one corner of the room to the other. Make sure to include additional features like windows or doors when taking this measurement, as they can affect how much space you have available for your TV. Next, measure the height of the wall by starting at the floor and measuring up to the ceiling. Again, ensure to include any features like windows or shelves that may affect how much space is available for your TV. Finally, measure the length of the wall by starting at one corner and measuring to the other. It will give you a good indication of the maximum size of TV that can comfortably fit in your space without overcrowding.

How to choose the perfect size TV for your space

Once you know the exact measurements of your space, it’s time to choose the perfect size TV. A general rule of thumb is that the TV should take up about two-thirds of the wall space. For example, if your wall is 150 inches wide, a 100-inch television would be ideal for this space. When selecting a TV size, remember how close or far away viewers will be seated from the TV. Generally speaking, larger TVs require viewers to sit further away from them, while smaller TVs can be viewed comfortably from closer distances. When determining its size, you should also consider any furniture that may obstruct your view of the TV. Finally, take note of any special features the TV is equipped with. If your TV has a curved display or an extra-wide aspect ratio, you may need to adjust the measurements accordingly to ensure that it fits properly in your space.

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Tips on where to place your TV for the best viewing experience

Once you’ve chosen the perfect size TV for your space, it’s time to decide where to place it. We recommend placing the TV at least 4 feet from windows and at least 12 inches from furniture or other obstructions. It will give you a great view of the television without compromising comfort. Additionally, try to orient your TV towards the center of the room. It will allow viewers in all seating positions to enjoy an optimal viewing experience no matter where they are sitting.

How to mount your TV on the wall or ceiling

If you plan on mounting your TV to the wall or ceiling, it’s essential to measure for compatibility with any mounting brackets. Check the weight and size of your TV before purchasing a bracket, as some may need to be more suitable for larger TVs. Additionally, make sure to mount the TV securely using screws appropriate for the wall material and the type of mount you are using. When in doubt, it’s always best to consult a professional for help.

Accessories you’ll need to complete your home entertainment system

Once your TV is set up, it’s time to start accessorizing. If you want complete control over your viewing experience, we recommend investing in a universal remote and soundbar. It will allow you to easily switch between inputs on the same remote while enjoying superior-quality audio. For those seeking a truly immersive experience, consider adding a home theater system with surround sound speakers. It will give you an incredible cinematic-style experience right in the comfort of your own home. Finally, be sure to pick up some HDMI cables to connect all of your devices to the television. HDMIs provide superior picture and sound quality and make connecting multiple components easy and hassle-free.


Taking TV measurements is essential in creating a perfect home entertainment system. By measuring your space’s width, height, and length, you can quickly determine the optimal size for your TV. You should also consider any features, such as windows or furniture, that may affect your available space for your television. After deciding on a size, please choose the right spot to mount it and purchase any additional items needed to complete your setup. With these simple steps, you’ll enjoy a comfortable viewing experience from anywhere in the room.

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