Needing Advice on How to Repair Your Furnace?

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The furnace is such an integral part of the house. It is very common for home owners to not realize that something may be wrong with the furnace, until the heating and hot water come to a stop. One way to prevent this from happening, is for home owners to keep a close watch over the health and functionality of the furnace.

Needing Advice on How to Repair Your Furnace

Plus, to contact furnace repairs experts for assistance at the first sign of trouble.

Challenges of not getting the furnace repaired at the right time

Faulty and broken furnaces that aren’t addressed quickly can –

  •     Increased energy bills as homeowners use more electricity to run their furnace.
  •     Create hot spots or cold spots in the architecture, damaging the internal construction and aesthetics of the house.
  •     Lead to gas leakage, making residents susceptible to the risk of toxic gasses.
  •     Pose severe fire hazards.
  •     Reduce the sale value of the house, when the property is put up for sale.
  •     Lead to very high furnace repairs and replacement expenses.

3 tips homeowners can follow to keep their furnace in top working condition

Keep the thermostat at the right setting and powered up

The thermostat tracks the temperature of the house and controls the operation of the furnace. Sometimes, the thermostat may not be set at “heat”. This can affect how the furnace heats your home. A simple check once every few days can help homeowners reset the settings of the thermostat. If the thermostat is not responsive or functional, sometimes it may be due to the battery running dry. Replacing the batteries of the thermostat should get it working again and it’ll be easy for homeowners to conduct furnace repairs themselves.

Needing Advice on How to Repair Your Furnace - DIY furnace repair

Clean the debris stuck in the filter

The air filter of a furnace can be located either at the intake (close to the furnace on the wall, in the floor etc.) or inside the furnace. These filters keep contaminants in the air out of the heating system and ensure the furnace works efficiently and is safe from electrical/fire hazards. Over time, the air filter can get clogged up with this debris and dust, causing the furnace to malfunction or stop functioning completely. Homeowners must switch off the furnace, unscrew the grate to the filter and shine a light to check if there is debris build-up. Then, they must wash the filter with a hose, until the water flows out of it completely clean and clear. After drying the filter completely, they can fit it back into the furnace. If the filter has a cardboard frame, it must be replaced since washing it won’t be possible.

Oil the furnace regularly

In an oil-burning furnace, the oil is the essential component that enables a furnace to work. The furnace uses the oil to start the combustion process, which then produces the heat the household needs for warmth and hot water. On average, homeowners need to make sure that they top-up the regularly to ensure it continues to work. Typically, oil-burning furnaces use between 0.8 and 1.7 gallons per hour to function. In other types of furnaces, the oil ensures the furnace is well lubricated and doesn’t experience any unnecessary friction against each other, causing the furnace to malfunction. A dry furnace with very less oil can become inefficient very quickly. Homeowners need to only put 1-2 drops of oil in each oil port to ensure their furnace is properly lubricated.

What if none of the above tip’s work?

Sometimes, furnace issues can be more severe than just a blocked filter or dry oil port or a thermostat with a dry battery. It’s always recommended that homeowners consult with furnace repair and replacement professionals whenever they experience any trouble with their furnace. These furnace repair specialists will take a close look at the furnace and identify the source of the problem. They can even do on-the-spot fixes to get the furnace up and running again in no time. It’ll be as though the repaired furnace was brand new. If repairs aren’t an ideal long-term solution, these professionals can recommend excellent, top-quality furnace models for replacement. They can fit the new furnaces in the house and ensure it works perfectly.

Sum Up

A call to furnace repair & replacement experts in time, can prevent wastage of energy & money, increase furnace and efficiency and improve home safety.

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