How to repaint a kitchen table

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If your current kitchen table is warn out and full of scratches then you’re probably surfing online stores in search for the new kitchen table. But you don’t have to buy a new kitchen table just yet. Even the worse looking kitchen table can be repainted to look like new and every DIY homeowner with average skills can do this without problems. Simply follow this steps and repaint your kitchen table like a pro.

painted kitchen table

Let’s get started with your kitchen table refinishing process.

1. Sanding the surface

The first step is to sand the surface of your kitchen table in order to remove all the scratches and old paint. In this step your must be patient and you have to follow the rules. You must use the low grit sanding paper (80-100 grit) first and sand your entire surface evenly. You can’t sand only the part where you have scratches because you’ll have an uneven surface when done. Start at one end and with certain number of circular movements and apply the same number of movements on every part of the table. Remember that the start will be harder until old paint starts to go away. When the scratches are no longer visible and you can’t feel them under your fingers then switch to fine grit sandpaper (180-220 grit) and smooth the surface. If you don’t have scratches on the legs and base of the table you don’t have to sand them with low grit sandpaper, simply make the make the old paint surface a little rougher with low grit sandpaper so that new paint can apply better. You can do this by hand but if you own an orbital sander then this step will be much easier. That’s it sanding is over and we’re going to the next step.


2. Cleaning the surface

There will be a lot of fine dust after sanding and you have to clean the table thoroughly before the next step. Use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the whole surface and the area around the table. Area around the table is very important because the dust will go into the air during painting and stick to the table if you haven’t cleaned it thoroughly. After that use the damp cloth and wipe the entire table with it. After that use the microfiber cloth to finish with the cleaning. Try to pull your hand on the surface and if no dust is left on your palm then you’ve cleaned the table properly. It’s time to grab your painting equipment and start with the next step.

3. Primer the table

Before applying the desired paint on your table, you have to apply the primer. There are two types of primer, water based primer and nitro primer. Water based primer is eco-friendly but it takes ages to dry. Nitro primer dries very fast (it’s dry in just couple of hours) and it’s easier to apply evenly on the entire surface. The best results can be achieved with 4- to 6-inch fine-finish roller for the top of the table, and a paintbrush for the legs and decor parts. Don’t apply more than one coat of primer but be sure that you’ve covered the entire surface. Let the primer to dry overnight and prepare yourself for the last step.

4. Painting the table

Before you choose the desired paint you must know that the paint type must match your primer type. If you applied nitro primer you must use nitro paint and if you used water based primer then you must use water based paint. You can’t mix the different types because that will result in bubbles on your surface. We recommend a satin or semigloss finish paints for your table. Mat and glossy paints don’t look good on furniture and we don’t recommend them. Before applying the paint thin it with paint thinner. Again, use the same type of thinner as your primer and paint. Add around 10% of the thinner and mix the paint for about 5 minutes. You’re now ready for painting. Again we recommend fine-finish sponge roller for the surface. Don’t put to much paint on the roller, it’s better to use less paint and go slowly to avoid drips and unwanted spraying. Apply only one coat at the time and wait at least 5 hours between coats.

painting the table

For the legs and decor parts we recommend using a quality brush. If you’re using water based paint then we recommend a synthetic brush and if you’re using a nitro paint then use a brush made from natural materials. Again, use small amounts of paint and smooth and even movements when painting. Be careful with the edges, if you have excess paint on the other side of the edge you must spread it immediately to avoid uneven finish.

After your first coat is cured apply the second coat of paint following the same procedure. Wait at least 24 hours before using the table or applying the third coat. The third coat is not needed in most cases but sometimes it must be applied. Simply look at your table under different light and if you think that your new paint isn’t even on the entire table, then apply the third coat. If your table is looking good then third coat is not necessary.

5. Conclusion

As you can see repainting your kitchen table isn’t that hard and you can have a table that looks like new for a fraction of the price of the new table. The main thing that you must remember with this DIY project is patience. Don’t rush with steps and don’t skip steps! The whole process must take at least 2 days but 3 days is the optimal time for this project. Is the first coat or primer isn’t cured you’ll mess the entire project if you rush with painting new coats. Take your time and you’ll have a perfect result! Check out our DIY projects section for more great do it yourself tips.

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