How To Put Artificial Grass in Garden?

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Would you like to add a natural and pleasant atmosphere to your garden? What if we told you that you can create such an environment in a very short time? With an artificial grass garden, you can create an environment that does not harm your loved ones and offers you peace.

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What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass also known as fake grass, stands out as a product used for decorative purposes, especially in areas such as terraces, gardens, and balconies. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass, which is extremely affordable, stands out as a product that is both easy to maintain and configure. The artificial grass is used as an intimate decorative element in addition to emphasizing naturalness and they are also available in different types.   Decorative artificial grass offers cost-effective options, especially in large areas. In this context, regardless of the width of the field, it can stand out as both more cost-effective and more practical than other types of grass. In addition, artificial grass, which appeals to those who want to add a natural and friendly atmosphere to the area to be used, creates a calm environment image with the atmosphere it creates.

What are The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass?

There are many benefits of using artificial grass. But it must be noted that it is also important to choose and use the right product from products with many alternatives. The appropriate product selected for the area is long-lasting grass. While decorative grasses are durable for 1-2 years, products designed for landscape and sports grounds can last for about 6-8 years. Companies give guarantees for the products they produce in the field of landscape and sports, which can be between 5-10 years and for varying periods.

How to Choose Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass, which is produced for different areas of use, has a different product range within these areas as well. For this reason, choosing artificial turf may seem a little complicated. But it is not as complicated as it seems. First of all, it will be healthy to choose a product suitable for its usage area and purpose. The most important criterion is to choose the product that is suitable for the usage area according to the intensity of use. The height of the artificial grass garden for rural wedding areas and the artificial grass used on the balcony should not be the same.

Is Artificial Grass Applied to Soil Ground?

One of the most curious questions of people who will apply artificial grass to their gardens is the application of artificial grass o the soil. But it must be noted that the application of artificial grass to the soil is not suggested. After applying the artificial grass on the soil, there will be problems such as the collapse of artificial grass and its smell. For this reason, the soil is cleaned and after a soft ground is obtained or else concrete can be installed.

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How to Clean Artificial Grass?

It is very easy to clean artificial grass. Weeding out the items that have fallen on it is the first step to cleaning it. You can collect items such as dry food falling on it and sweep it with a vacuum cleaner. You can clean the substances such as gel and oil that have fallen on it by spraying water. Since using detergent on artificial grass will cause the artificial turf to change color. For the artificial grass garden, monthly maintenance can be carried out. For the garden and balcony, only water and a broom are sufficient to assist in cleaning.

Does Artificial Grass Mold?

Artificial grass is a product suitable for use in 4 seasons. If you choose a product that is resistant to UV rays, you will not encounter any problems in summer. Since artificial grass used in open areas will come into contact with a lot of water in winter, it is possible to encounter problems such as mold. This is about expenses. Thanks to the right infrastructure, you will not have any mold problems as the water will go through the drain. When applying artificial grass that you can use in all areas, a correct application allows you to use the product for a long time. For this reason, it must be noted that getting artificial grass installation service by professional companies is so important.

How To Put Artificial Grass in Garden?

The most important steps for artificial grass installation can be listed as follows:

  • First, the excavation phase takes place.
  • Compact operations are performed.
  • The grass is laid.
  • The parts are brought together.
  • The trimming of the edges is done.

These are the main steps and it is very important that all these steps are done by a reliable company. Otherwise, you will not have an artificial grass garden as you want.

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