How To Measure Where To Put Tiebacks On A Curtain

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It’s important to decorate your home to feel comfortable, make your own to settle in well and curtain tiebacks can add a lovely accent to your windows. However, installing curtain tiebacks can also be a challenge as you need to figure out the perfect height and material to use. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can use fabrics, cords, or even rope for curtain tiebacks. Those are drilled free curtain tiebacks, however you can easily install those curtain tiebacks onto the wall besides your window.


Ultimately, measuring the height depends on individual taste but a few steps can assist you perfectly to get the perfect height for your curtain tiebacks. So, let’s see how you can measure where to put tiebacks on curtains.

Steps For Measure The Height To Put Tiebacks On A Curtain

In general, you can get the best look by tying back curtains, if you place it in the middle of the way from top to bottom of the curtain. The height level at which they’re hooked up to the wall depends on the window’s fashion, size, and shape and also the practicality required. A couple of steps  can assist you verify the proper placement for tiebacks which we’ve figured out for you. Just have a look below.

Step 1- Determine The Height To Put The Tiebacks On Curtains

Wherever you set the tiebacks on your curtains depends on the length of the curtains. The two commonest sizes are eighty-four inches or fifty-five inches, however, there are still so many curtain lengths which are based on irregular size. The height of long, floor-length curtains is  eighty-four inches which is standard size. If you’ve got  eighty-four inch curtains, the most effective place to tie them back is concerning thirty-nine inches up from the ground of the curtains. This height puts the tiebacks a touch to a little lower halfway up the curtains.

Fifty five inches long curtains are perfectly customized sizes which are meant and designed to cover a window which doesn’t have full length. You may want to put the tiebacks lower as the window is already higher from the floor. You need to measure the window 1’ or 12” from the bottom of the curtain. The measurement you need to take in inches of the  window, to see the height for irregular size tie backs curtains. Then, divide the whole height by three. And after this you need to measure the  window not the curtain with this amount and tie them there. You can use this methodology with the curtains also, however it would look weird if they’re significantly longer than the window itself.

Step 2- Install The Tiebacks of Curtains

After knowing how to measure the height of the tiebacks, you may want to install them. It’ll be good to keep another person with you to help you hold the curtains at the planned height, when you need to step back to take an overall look. Have him hold it in place for pulling the curtain aside and move it up or down based on your preference. After choosing the spot, tell him to mark the wall with a pencil. Install, no matter hardware you wish to secure the tieback at the selected spot. If you’re choosing ribbon, rope, twine or another fabric, you over seemingly need a hook on average. You might have to drill, if you’re having metal, wood, or plastic tiebacks.

Step 3- Match The Tiebacks On Different WIndows

If you’ve got another window which you need to make similar or match to the 1st window, take the measurement to adjust the hardware to the 1st window. Measure its top from the ground and the gap from the window itself. You’ll need to duplicate those spots exactly on the opposite aspect. When you locate the spot, mark them with a pencil. Install the hardware on the opposite aspect and after that connect the curtain with tiebacks. You can also additionally need to pull them lightly to ensure that everything is perfectly secure. If your curtains will continue to be open maximum of the time,close them once in a while to let the cloth to breathe. Experts advocate washing curtains each six months is best.


Tip For Securing The Curtain Tieback

Wrap the tiebacks around every curtain. You need to pull the curtain back for securing the tieback and hook it up to the wall by ensuring that the curtain covers it. Regulate the curtain on top of the tieback to attain a straight or a lot of drapey look. Remember that, if you are not liking the draping of your curtains that means you don’t have enough curtains that cover the window fully. It won’t ever be suitable if your curtain is as wide as the window. For example, 40” curtains for 40” windows. You have to make your curtains double the width of your window.


Where is the perfect place to tieback the curtain?

A simple rule is tieback the curtain while maintaining the position which is the 3rd of the way upside from the end of the curtains.

What should be the distance of the floor for the curtain tiebacks?

To have the correct placement, you need to measure the length of the curtains again and divide by three.

Should you tieback your curtain?

If you love to enjoy the fresh air by keeping your window open, you definitely need to tieback your curtain so that air can blow your home in and outside.

Final Verdict

Tieback  is a traditional way fow accessorize your curtain. You can get elegant decorative draped lines and can secure the open curtains with tiebacks.  Just you need to accurately measure the height of the tieback to put  it on your curtain.  After measuring the height of your tieback, it can give you a polished, refreshing and clean look to your room.

We hope this guide covered you with enough information you need to measure the height to put a tieback on your curtain. Just follow the guide, try to maintain the steps and you will get a perfect measurement which will give you a perfect look of your window side. Tieback your curtains, let the wind come into your home, and enjoy the fresh air with a cup of tea or coffee.

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