How To Load Your Skip Bin

Let’s say you are ready to get rid of all your rubbish and you have a massive clean-up planned, it’s time for you to hire a skip bin to get started.

How To Load Your Skip Bin

If you’re unsure about what size skip bin you need to carry the weight of your trash and how to load your skip bin then here are some guidelines to help:

Choosing the Right Skip Bin

Before you hire a skip bin, it’s best to have an idea of how much space you think your rubbish would need. Skip bins vary in size to cater for different uses, and prices will depend on the bin size you choose. The first thing you can do when thinking of how to load your skip bin is to group all your rubbish together by size and shape to help decide how you can space it out in a bin.

Pack Your Skip Bin Tightly and Efficiently

Now that you have hired your skip bin, you need to know how to load your skip bin in a way that maximizes the space given. Always start with flat objects such as plywood, sheet metal, and unwanted timber. If you lay this flat in the same direction, it makes for a good foundation for everything else to follow.  Next, you can follow with heavier and bulkier items such as furniture, tabletops, household junk. If there are large items that can still be broken down into smaller pieces, we suggest you do this to save space. You can try disassembling appliances and removing arms and legs on some furniture. Lastly, smaller and lightweight items like old paperwork can then go on top. Just make sure to level out the weight as evenly as possible, this reduces the chances of it tipping over once it’s full.

How To Load Your Skip Bin - overloaded skip

Organise Your Rubbish Thoughtfully

There are some items that are deemed safe for the bin and some items that shouldn’t be placed in. Make sure you know which items you aren’t allowed to place in, our friends at can give you a full list of items that are not allowed and some guidelines to help. Since we are very conscious about our waste management, for items that can be sold, donated, or repurposed, as a way to help our environment, kindly let us know so we can do our best to make sure we recycle everything the best way we can.

Avoid Over-Filling Your Skip Bin

Lastly, if you’re loading a skip bin, remember it must not be filled above the rim. This is a health and safety legislation of the government that doesn’t permit transport of any type of waste container beyond its dimensional limits. Overfilled skip bins are unsafe for travel, therefore in order to ensure the safety of our drivers and other cars on the road.

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