How To Install Running Boards On Your Car

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How To Install Running Boards On Your Car

Running boards can be an excellent addition to your car. They certainly make it look better and they are helpful if you have a large truck or an SUV.  Due to their simplicity, usability and the fact they look great, most brands now offer these upgrades as an optional extra. But if you have an older vehicle, you will want to know how to install it all by yourself. It is easier than you think.

Choose the one that looks great on your car

The best running boards are those that look excellent on your car. If you have an SUV you should go for stainless steel models. They are the strongest, look excellent and they are helpful. On the other hand, if you have a smaller vehicle, you should go for a smaller set of running boards. Discrete models are very appealing at the moment.

Basically, you should go for a model that is great on your car. Keep in mind that you must consider the size of a car and the running boards. Some models are made for larger and long vehicles, so they can’t be used on smaller SUVs, for instance.

Measure twice

Luckily, most models come with pre-drilled holes and they are easy to put together. But, you will have to see how they fit to a car. Use any object you have in order to make running boards stay on your vehicle for a short period of time. Look how they transform your car and find them the best position. You may want them to be closer to the front wheels or closer to the rear wheels.

Start drilling

If you have a model that requires drilling holes, you will have to use screws usually obtained alongside running boards to connect them permanently. After you have decides where the running boards look the best, drill holes and attach them to your care. A great addition is a fact even if you make a mistake with drilling, you can mask it easily and you don’t have to pay for an expensive repair.

How to install running boards on your car - under the car

Some running boards can be installed within minutes and they don’t require from you to drill any holes. They are just clipped in place and you are done.

Apply the grease or silicone

Additionally, you will want to coat the screws and the holes with silicone or with grease. This is important in order to protect the screws from corrosion and to protect any possible damage to the vehicle. If you made a mistake so you drilled more holes than you actually need, coat them as well. It will protect the damaged protection on the bodywork of a car.


Now you know how to install running boards on your car. It is a simple and fun activity that can be done with basic tools within 10 minutes. Replacing the old ones is basically the same process, just remove the original ones first. Don’t forget that you should find the sweet spot where you will place the running boards.

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