How to Hire the Best Landscaping Design Company In Reno

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Reno is a city that is located in the northwest of the state of Nevada. It is known as the biggest little city in the world and usually referred to as the ‘smaller Las Vegas’. Reno stands out in the nation because of its tourism industry and casinos. This city boasts of more than 5million tourists per year because it has a lot to offer by way of entertainment. Additionally, it has many educational attractions that make it an ideal destination for family vacations. You can visit to find out more about this exciting city.

How to Hire the Best Landscaping Design Company In Reno

You can imagine that a city that receives such high numbers of tourists would have beautiful residential apartments and homes. If you live in this city, you cannot afford to have an unkempt yard that would stand out like a sore thumb in the neighbourhood. To this end, you need a properly landscaped property.

What Is Landscaping?

When we talk of landscaping, some people just think of planting flowers and grass. While that is part of it, that is not all there is to it. Landscaping is a process through which the exterior (yard) of a home or building is made more attractive. There are a number of things that can be used to achieve this and they include the following:

  1. Using flowers as borders
  2. Flowering trees
  3. Shrubs
  4. Well-manicured lawns
  5. Foundation plantings
  6. Deliberately designed walkways and driveways
  7. Fountains
  8. Fences
  9. Water gardens

These are just some of the things that can be part of a landscape design but there is no end to what a creative landscaper can come up with. As a resident in the beautiful city of Reno, you might have decided to upgrade your property and that is a very good idea. Some homeowners are of the opinion that they can DIY this aspect of their home but we do not think that is a good idea. Well, not if you are a professional landscaper though. But if you are not in the professional category, it is best to let the professionals carry out the project for you. There are so many great landscape design companies like Legends Landscaping in Reno that you may be confused as to whom to work with. This therefore brings us to the issue of how to hire the right hands for the job.

How To Hire The Best Landscape Design Company

Check For Licensing & Insurance

Before you hire any company to work with, ensure that they have insurance and are duly licensed. The specific insurance to ask for is the Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance. Do not depend on their word but ask for proof of this insurance. This would protect you from liability in the event that a workman gets hurt on your property during the project. On the issue of license, ensure that they have a valid license or certification that is pertinent to the state of residence. This license or certification shows you that the contractor has satisfied stringent requirements to proof their skill and professionalism.

How to Hire the Best Landscaping Design Company In Reno - backyard

If you hire a contractor that is not licensed or certified, you do so at your own risk. This is because there would be no legal recourse for you if there is any issue with the contractor in the course of the project. Finally on this issue, ensure that they have the appropriate license for the type of project that you want to carry out. This is because there are different types/grades of licensing.

Examine Their Level Of Experience

Experience they say is the best teacher. While this may sound so cliché, there is a level of truth to it. A company/contractor that has years of experience under their belt would have learnt a couple of things along the way. You are better off working with a professional that has been in the industry for a good number of years. Even if you want to work with a start-up, the company should have people who have working experience from other established firms.

Ask For Referrals

Before you sign off with any contactor, ensure that you see evidence of jobs that they have done in the past. Do not be carried away by impressive portfolio, do your due diligence and find out whether their claims are bogus or real. You can also check the contractor’s rating on sites such as Better Business Bureau or other independent review sites.


We have briefly discussed what you should look out for before hiring a landscape design company or contractor. Bear in mind that there are other issues to consider but the above is just a starting point. Carry out a thorough investigation on any company/contractor before you hire them; it is better to be safe than sorry.

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