How To Choose The Best Lock For You

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According to data from, in 27% of home burglary cases, the homeowner is home. Additionally, a burglary occurs every 25 seconds. Burglars are attracted to homes that do not have a home security system installed. The odds of such a home falling victim to a burglary attempt are 300% higher compared to a home with a security system in place. Unfortunately, just 3 out of 10 houses have a system like this in place, ready to ward off possible invaders.

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Break-ins in major cities have increased by around 20 percent in recent years, which is why security should be a top priority for everybody. If you are currently in the process of buying new locks as a way of increasing security in your home, read on. We have prepared a helpful guide to the most popular types of locks that are currently available on the market.

Types of Door Locks to Consider for Your Home

Depending on their mechanics and features, some door locks are sturdier, more effective, and can withstand picking attempts better than others. Here are the main types of locks you could consider if you are installing new locks in your home:

Combination Locks

These models need predefined numbers, symbols, and letter sequences to get a door to open. They rely on keypads or rotating dials that are connected to internal discs. You can opt for single and multiple dial models or electronic combination locks. A single-dial lock is a lock that only uses a single combination dial tied to the rod. Once the dial is turned, that spindle interacts with various discs located behind the dial. Thanks to the spindle, the discs turn with the dial, line up, and get the lock to open. Combo locks are commonly used for padlocks and safes at home.

Door Knob Locks

These are the most common types of locks and they are found on front doors in residential buildings as well as commercial buildings. They can also be used as interior bedroom and bathroom doors and they can be mixed with other locks for added convenience and enhanced protection. Their mechanism consists of screws that are used to hold the lock and stop unauthorized people from removing them from the outside.

Hand Lever Locks

These types of locks resemble door knob locks. The main difference consists of the fact that hand levers feature an actual lever instead of a standard knob. Hand lever locks are good choices for front doors thanks to their pleasant design and higher compatibility with heavy doors. For best results, they should be paired up with quality deadbolts and other types of locks.


Mostly used on front door locks by a large number of homeowners, handle sets refer to lock models that feature handles. They come with an attractive design and they provide a good degree of protection. Handlesets are normally more expensive compared to hand lever locks and doorknobs due to the advanced intricate pieces parts of their mechanisms. When used together with barrel bolts and chain locks, these locks offer good results.



Deadbolts consist of circular knobs for the keyholes and plates for the bolts. They are some of the most basic and efficient ways of securing doors and they normally sell for affordable prices. They provide the best results when mixed with the standard locks on doors. They work better than spring bolt locks since they cannot move from the locked position without a key being inserted in the cylinder.

Barrel Bolt Locks

Barrel bolts are locks that can be used inside homes for added security. Their mechanism relies on barrels that can be pushed across door frames to make sure that the door can only be opened from the interior. While not expensive, it is important to choose barrel bolts manufactured with top-quality fabrics.

Glass Door Locks

If you are searching for a lock for a glass door for patio or backyard doors, you could opt for a deadbolt lock for hinged doors or double doors, a cam style lock for hinged doors, a combo lock suitable for hinged and sliding doors, and hinged doors, or a ratchet style lock that can be exclusively used on sliding glass doors.

Door Lock Features to Look At

When choosing locks, pay attention to the complexity of the lock cylinder and opt for models that would make a potential burglar’s job harder. Keep in mind that the more complex the cylinder, the fewer people will manage to actually overcome it and successfully pick the lock. Keypad locks and smart locks that rely on Bluetooth and advanced smart technologies eliminate most of the vulnerabilities connected to lock cylinders and metal keys.

Focus on heavy locks with little to no plastic components and a small number of gaps. The best locks feature sturdy components made of heavy metal. The strength of the bolt will also determine how easy or difficult it is for someone to break into your home using the front door. A high-security door lock should feature hardened steel bolts that can easily withstand kicking, sledgehammering, hacksaw cutting, and shoulder strike attempts. When installing new locks for your home,  carefully assess your needs and make the best choice based on the information above. Abloy, Mul-T-Lock, Yale, and Medeco are some of the most popular brands of locks that we recommend for the best results.

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