How to choose a silk comforter

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Silk is one of the fanciest fabrics and it has rich history. In fact historically most significant trade way was named after this fabric. This classy and gorgeous fabric is cozy to wear and bed sheets and silk-made comforters are super comfortable. You might think of getting a new silk comforter. But if you can’t decide how to choose a perfect comforter for you then you are in the right place. In this article you will get a proper guideline on choosing the best silk comforters for you.

How to choose a silk comforter

Before you buy a comforter make sure that you have checked these following queries:

  • Choose suitable fiber for you
  • Cotton filler or silk filler
  • Weight of the silk.
  • Cover type
  • Color
  • Size

These are the most common questions as per our research. We have come up with answers to these questions and these answers will act as a general guideline for you.

Cotton filler or silk filler

Filler is the most important thing for any comforter. In fact fillers are responsible for the comforter’s quality.  Most of the comforters are filled with cotton. You can always find some comforters completely filled with silk fillers. You can read the reviews of best Mulberry silk comforters at pillowbedding. These silk fillers will cost you higher than the Cotton fibers. The choice is up to you. Silk fillers are cozier and wormer than cotton fillers.

Choosing  suitable fiber for you

The most common mistake people do while buying a comforter is they don’t consider the fiber quality. The quality of silk fibers is determined by the counting weight of its momme. Higher the number of momme higher will be the quality. High momme weight makes a silk luxurious.

Consider the size

Generally there are four sizes available in markets king size, queen size, full size and twin size. King size comforters are largest of them. These comforters are usually 105″ ×92″ inches in size. Queen size comforters are smaller than these king size. In General queen size comforters are 85″ × 90″ inches. If you consider buying even a smaller size 10 the queen size then full size photos of perfect for you these are generally 75″ ×85″ inches in size. The smallest size that we have found are 65″ × 85″ inches in size and this are known as twin size comforters. Find which one is best suitable for you.

Weight of the comforter

King size comforters are usually heavier than others. A King size comforter is usually 2 – 2.5 KGs in weight. Queen size comforters are 1.5 to 2.1 KGs in weight. Full size comforters are 1 to 1.5 KGs in weight. Some comforters are lighter in weight. Because, manufacturers sometimes make custom comforters for fall and summer season. Be careful about the weight. Because it provides the comforter the ability to keep you worm.

Color Consideration

The most amazing part of buying a thing is choosing the perfect color. Silk comforters come with various colors. Some colors are eye catchy. Most popular colors are white, Purple, Grey. If you consider buying a cover for it chooses a colorful one. Colorful Silk covers are available in the market.

Cover type

The last thing you need to consider is the cover of the comforter. Mostly the cover will protect the comforter from getting dirty. Some silk covers are permanently attached with the comforters. Some are separated from the comforter.

These are the general guideline before you buy a silk comforter. Some it’s always recommended that before you buy something you must research about the thing. Our guideline will help you choosing the perfect comforter for you.

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