How To Build A Commercial Deck That Will Last

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How To Build A Commercial Deck That Will Last

Whether you are considering building a deck at your hotel pool, a restaurant outside area or a seaside pier, there are various benefits associated with getting a professional decking company to assist you with the layout and construction phase.

Ideally, decks that are built for large community projects such as harbor piers for boats or access ramps for wheelchairs must be designed to be durable and withstand high foot traffic use. By replacing dull concrete or tile surfaces with a trendy wooden deck option, you can instantly upgrade your guest facility into an inviting and relaxing atmosphere to attract more customers. There are responsible building procedures that need to be adhered to:

Ensuring Customer Safety At All Times

Decks that are built for commercial properties must adhere to the necessary industry guidelines and safety standards of the area’s building sector. All the materials and fittings must be of such a high standard to ensure that the deck is safe for the public to use.

Built To Last

A commercial deck should be designed and constructed to last for years to come. Commercial decks have a lot more traffic than a deck in your backyard for instance.

By securing the services of a professional that understands the safety issues and building requirements of commercial decking Sunshine Coast, you can ensure that your deck building project will have long-lasting results.

How To Build A Commercial Deck That Will Last - commercial deck

Things That People Don’t Realize Before Building A Deck:

Structure – it is crucial that any deck that is built whether for commercial or home use must have a sturdy and secure frame. The ideal choice for the frame is making use of treated pine and a much better option than a steel frame.

Cost-effective renovation option – renovation projects can be extremely expensive ventures and building a deck is a much cheaper option to create a new entertainment spot.

Plan Ahead – make sure you have a clear image in your mind of exactly the style and look of your deck and take into consideration the purpose for which your deck is built prior to starting the building phase.

Getting building plans approved – your best option is to consult with a local deck building professional to assist you with your decking project as they can get the relevant certification and approval of your building plans through a private certifier, as the local councils no longer approve decks.

The size of the deck – you need to have the correct measurements and size information handy before building the deck, as you don’t want to be stuck with a deck that is not suitable to your sizing requirements.

Important Considerations When Hiring A Commercial Deck Expert

  • Make sure they start and finish the building project on time.
  • The decking company employs reputable and licensed personnel.
  • The decking company uses sustainable and preferably eco-friendly building timber.
  • Ensuring that ramps and steps are safety and slip resistant
  • Ensuring that the oils that are used for protection are of good quality and give the project an attractive overall look.
  • They implement maintenance plans that will ensure that your deck will be looking spanking new and will be durable and long-lasting.

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