How Often Should Aircon Servicing Be Carried Out?

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Most aircon technicians suggest that the frequency of your servicing should be determined by the usage of your air-conditioning units. By one of the aircon servicing experts advised that based on the average household usage in Singapore, a warm country, aircon servicing should be carried out once every 3 months to ensure optimal performance. During the maintenance, the aircon expert will perform checks at the unit to look out for any issues, clean up your filters and conduits, and ensure that the unit is working optimally to keep your power charges lower, through improved efficiency.

How Often Should Aircon Servicing Be Carried Out

It is to your greatest advantage to plan for your AC service at least once every 3 months if you plan to use your air-conditioning units daily, especially during the summer period. By booking your AC maintenance during this time you are ensuring the aircon is working at its tip top condition when you need it the most.

What checks are done during regular maintenance?

Some of the air-conditioning checks that your service technician should perform during routine servicing includes checking the motor, drain line, operating pressure of your system, coil condition, temperature, refrigerant, compressor and fins. These are the important checks to ensure the operation of your cooling system. Since you know how regularly you ought to do the aircon servicing, now you will need to know the reasons why regular servicing and maintenance for your aircon is important.

In nations with warm climate like Singapore, air-conditioners is a significant part in making our day by day activities more enjoyable and comfortable due to a much cooler environment. Without cooling, within your home will be hot and stuffy, making you all damp with sweat. Truth be told, these air-conditioning system do substantially more than simply keeping your home or office cold. They sanitize the air through the air filters that are equipped inside the units, thus, able to prevent any dirt, bugs, smells from entering into the system and affect your air quality. On account of the most recent innovation, the new inverter air-conditioner has quicker cooling rates with lower power utilization. The present aircon units also come with quality, innovative filters where they prevent the dust from accumulating, blocking harmful particles from entering. Thus, ensuring you and your family having a good night’s rest. Your air-conditioning units should be consistently kept up through regular aircon servicing, to ensure they can work and function optimally.

How Often Should Aircon Servicing Be Carried Out - servicing

The importance of aircon servicing

The air-conditioner is one of the most expensive electrical appliances in the household, thus, everyone would hope to keep the lifespan to its longest. In the event that you need to ensure good lifespan for your air-conditioning units, it is vital to engage technicians to check the units consistently. There are numerous advantages that show up with it, including:

  • Ensure proper operation of the units, including cooling. This is significant, particularly during hot temperatures.
  • Prevent any sudden breakdown issues.
  • Increase efficiency. With the regular usage of your AC units, over the time, it would require higher electricity and energy to work operate normally. With the regular aircon servicing, this will ensure greater efficiency around the unit and keep your electricity power charges low.

By engaging technicians to service your AC regularly, this will help your units to work in good condition when you require cooling the most. Remember that when you have the cooling system maintained and cleaned, you will be avoiding certain repair costs that might burn your pocket. Also, having your units and aircon system checked regularly, you will be able to fix any potential cooling issues and ensure proper cooling operations and efficiency, thus saving monthly power bills.

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