How Important Are Hygienic Wall Panels in the Healthcare Industry

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to be extra careful about choosing the right materials for their walls and dividers for their wards and laboratories.

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As contractors who have access and at the same time experience with the materials for building and construction, you have the opportunity to educate and make your prospective clients know about the pros and cons of the materials they will be choosing. Whether or not you give your clients something to cringe about, the responsibility is in your hands or something they will be most proud to have in their facility.

A renowned hospital in Los Angeles has installed Trusscore PVC Wall Panels by Duramax in their facility. Read more here:

hospital wall

During the coronavirus pandemic we currently have, the demand for hygienic and safe materials for sensitive facilities such as hospitals and clinics is higher than in the pre-pandemic scenario. Trusscore PVC Panels by Duramax come as the leading and the strongest industry player in hygienic walls. Duramax takes pride in its moist-resistant Trusscore PVC Wall Panels that have passed Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for walls and ceilings. Read more about its CFIA Approval here:

As contractors, you also need to know that Trusscore PVC Wall Panels by Duramax are safe to work with using normal construction practices. A citation from US Polymers can be found in this link:

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Whether public or private, most healthcare facilities need to create makeshift wards to accommodate more patients in the hospital, either COVID-19 related or not. More companies are looking for contractors who can cope with their time-constrained requirements fast and smooth but not undermining the quality. You can leverage on using Trusscore PVC Wall Panels by Duramax as it has a proven track record for its easy installation features. Here’s a quick installation guide for contractors like you:

Here’s an actual application of Trusscore PVC Wall Panels by Duramax in a reputed nursing home in California. Not only that! Your Trusscore PVC Panels come with a limited lifetime warranty. Still, have doubts? Call Duramax Wall Experts now and ask about your concerns at 323-352-9279 or visit their website: to know more about their products and services. Their experts are usually available from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM from Mondays to Fridays. Consultation is FREE of charge.

Have we mentioned we tried requesting product samples from them? Get some for yourself, too, for FREE, and use them in your future client calls. Fill up the form here to request, and they will deliver the item to your doorstep.

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